13 Things You Need By the Time You Turn 30

time you turn 30

For a while, you could get by with just a few pairs of jeans and some t-shirts, but that doesn’t work as well when you hit 30. By this age, you’ll have to attend many types of functions, and they all require specific attire. The following are 13 things you need by the time you’re 30.

13 Things You Need By Time You Turn 30

1. A Watch

It’s okay to only have inexpensive watches in your twenties. When you are 30, you must have a good watch to use when necessary. This doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars, but a few hundred dollars should get you a pretty decent watch.

2. The Blazer

Layers are going to become important now that you’re 30. You should look for a blazer for men, and you’ll want to make sure it’s high quality. Opt for a natural material like wool or alpaca, whatever works for you. Remember that you might need to share the blazer with a date if it gets chilly at night.

3. Good Socks

Every so often, you might be asked to attend a formal event. For these events, you might need to wear nice socks, especially if you’re going to be sitting down. People will see the socks at some point, and you don’t want to be caught wearing thick, unappealing socks. You want your socks to match you and look luxurious, so don’t hold back when you search.

4. Dress Shoes

You might have gotten by with sneakers and a few boots, but you should upgrade a bit. You may need to change your look every so often. To do this, you’ll need some dressy shoes. These shoes go well with your lounge outfit or those days when your place of work has a formal event.

5. A Scarf

You should have a good scarf by the time you reach this age. You should learn how to layer because they can make you look stylish effortlessly. In addition to that, layers help outfits appear different even if they aren’t. Life is going to get busier, which is part of the reason why the layering trick works like magic.

6. Athletic Gear

Sure, you can continue to wear any old sweats you have in your house to go to the gym, but you shouldn’t at this age. You want to look like you care about fitness, so you need to invest in the gear. The more you invest in athletic gear, the more committed to this cause you’ll be.

7. A Hat

You need to have a good hat or several good hats. This could be a beanie, a cap, a newsboy hat, or any type of hat you can think of. Sometimes, you need to change the way you look, and a hat can do that in one second. Be sure to use hats outside your comfort zone.

8. Suit

You must own at least one good suit. This does mean it has to be a good suit that fits well and isn’t cheap. Try to budget to make sure you stay within your budget, but don’t go for a cheap suit. If it doesn’t fit well, then make sure you have it fitted. If it’s high quality and fits like a glove, then it’ll look amazing.

9. Pocket Squares

Sometimes, you need your suit to stand out a little more, and if you want that, then you’ll want some pocket squares. These will stick out of your blazer’s pocket a bit, and it’ll look great. Be sure to stick to bold colors and patterns to stand out.

10. Ties

By this time, you should own a few ties, but if you don’t, then start your collection. Sometimes, a tie can bring a suit together. Keep in mind that ties can be worn for semi-formal events as well as long as you wear a button-down shirt. Look for patterns and bold colors.

11. Tie Bar

If you’re going to be wearing ties, it may also be a good idea to own a tie bar. This will help keep your ties in place, and it gives your look a touch of sophistication. They don’t cost all that much, which is good, too.

12. Sunglasses

You’ll want to own a good pair of sunglasses as well. You have probably gotten away with throwaway sunglasses for some time, but people expect more out of you now. Good, high-quality, luxurious sunglasses is what you want now. One pair should be enough.

13. A Good Wallet

It’s important to own a good wallet, maybe from a good designer. It may cost you more than you normally pay for a wallet, but it’ll look nice. You don’t want to look great in formal wear and pull out a low-quality wallet.

Hopefully, you’ve started collecting some of these by this time, but if you haven’t, then start. Some of these may take some budgeting to get, but they’re worth the investment.

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