Let’s Resolve – How do I View my Google Backup on Desktop?

    google backup on desktop

    Before Resolving the question How do I view my Google backup let?s have some basics regarding the topic.

    What is Backup? Backup describes the process of creating and collecting copies of data that can be used to guard organizations against data loss. A proper backup copy is collected in a separate system or medium. Besides that the primary data to protect against the occurrence of data loss due to primary hardware or software failure.

    To solve your query that ?How do I view my google backup on the computer? firstly you need to backup your Gmail emails on Desktop and then from your desktop, you can easily view or access your backups.

    Why Backup is important?

    The purpose of the backup is to get a replica of knowledge which will be recovered within the event of a primary data failure. Primary data crashes can be the result of hardware or software failure, data exploitation. Backup copies enable data to be recovered from an earlier point in time to help the business recover from an unplanned event.

    For best outcomes, backup copies are made on a uniform, regular basis to reduce the amount of data lost between backups. The longer passes between backup copies, the more potential for data loss when recovering from a backup. Retaining multiple copies of knowledge provides the insurance and adaptability to revive to some extent in time not suffering from data corruption or malicious attacks.

    Manual Steps to Take Backup of Gmail Email on Desktop

    Google Takeout is an inbuilt facility that is provided by the Gmail of its users to download Gmail emails. Users can go through this method if they want to execute it manually. It helps to archive the Gmail account content along with the attachments to the system. If you follow the steps then you find that your query ?How do I view my Google backup on Computer? is solved.

    • Firstly, go to Google account by following this link – https://myaccount.google.com  and log in to the Gmail account.
    • Click on Account>>Data & Personalization option from the left panel. The description page will appear on the right pane. Here, under Download, make a plan for the data section, or delete, click the highlighted arrow as shown in the below image against Download your data option.
    • Here, to download only Gmail emails, click Deselect All option and choose the Mail option as highlighted under. Click Next.
    • Now, you can easily customize the archive format by choosing the Export type, Archive size, File type, etc. Click the Create Archive option.
    • The archiving procedure will begin and indicates that it can consume time up to hours or days.

    Here, after backup your Gmail email on your desktop you can easily view backups.

    It takes the consumption of time in this procedure, and the user has to wait for the completion.

    Do not worry! We would help you with an instant alternative that is secured and work fastly in creating a backup Gmail account email to desktop. Gmail Backup Tool is professional software that can easily backup your Gmail data. It can also create the backup of Gmail along with the attachments, and your query ?How Do I view my Google Backup? is solved here.

    Finally, to minimize time consumption we have to use the professional method to create the backup on desktop

    Professional Way to create Gmail Emails Backup on Desktop

    Gmail is one of the trusted email clients that is favored by most of the corporate organizations for email conversation. Besides, when it comes to downloading or backup Gmail Emails to a PC or to any other storage devices, then it becomes prolonged. Therefore, the Gmail Email Backup Tool has come up with a new invention.

    This tool would be the best alternative for you if you are prepared to download and save Gmail Emails with attachments to any storage devices. It assists you in backup all emails from Gmail in the form of PDF, PST, MBOX, MSG, EML, EMLX, and CSV file formats.

    It has some various features through which your query How do I view my google backup can easily be solved.

    • Safely Backup and Downloads Gmail Emails to a Computer or an External disk drive.
    • You can Filter Emails using the Date Range Filter option if you’re having thousands of emails on Gmail.
    • Use the Naming Convention choice to provides a new name to the resultant computer file.
    • Backup all data which are available on your Gmail Account including Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and My Drive Items.
    • This software is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac including the newest version.
    • Try Free Gmail Backup Tool to gauge the performance of the software and backup 50 emails for free of charge.
    • These are the features of a professional method that can help you in various functionalities and you will be able to solve your queries. If you apply with this professional method then surely your query ?How do I View my google Backup? will be solved very effortlessly.

    These are the features of a professional method that can help you in various functionalities and you will able to solve your queries.


    In the end, we discussed how to create a backup of Gmail emails on Desktop and solves your query ?How do I view my google Backup? by manual method also professional method.

    As discussed before the manual method is a time-taking procedure so we also suggest a professional method ?Gmail Backup Tool? through which you can reduce your time-taking process and able to do so with other file formats. I hope that this blog helped you to view your backup file.

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