Gojek Clone Vietnam Enables You To Kickstart Your Multi-service Business Instantly

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    On-demand business in Southeast Asia has been grabbing a lot of attention lately. Lately, Vietnam has seen some new on-demand multi-service app platforms launching. These on-demand app platforms are both foreign and local. 

    Vietnam is a developing country with an abundance of opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow and expand their businesses. And it seems an on-demand multi-service app is one of the most accelerated segments compared to the other parts of Southeast Asia. 

    Gojek Clone App has been the number UNO choice that comes with complete customized features and you can choose the design of the app as to how you like. Gojek Clone Script solution allows you to add, modify and delete the services, can choose the theme, redesign icons, and more. Our white-label Gojek Clone App Solution is built on scalable technology that allows you to expand and grow your business in Vietnam easily. 

    What Makes Gojek Clone App Easy To Launch In Vietnam?

    The government of Vietnam is backing the move. The entrepreneurs wishing to venture into an on-demand multi-service app are grabbing this opportunity to gain market share. And this is going to be a one-time investment. Vietnam is promoting such technological innovations that boost its economic expansion at a greater speed.

    The Gojek clone app builds for Vietnam is designed and developed in a specific way that is handling the end number of users. You can ing unlimited users seamlessly. Hence, enable you to scale your businesses as per your customer?s rising demands.

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    How Launching Gojek Clone App in Vietnam Earn You Millions

    A multi-service app like Gojek enables you to manage and monitor your on-demand services on a real-time basis. This means you can view your entire business operations from our Admin Dashboard. Thus, eliminating the administrative and operational expenditure at large. 

    This on-demand multi-service app is categorized into 3 segments: 

    On-demand Taxi Booking Services

    This feature offers taxi booking on the go. It enables the users to quickly book a taxi to travel from one destination to another. You can include other services such as cab rental services, shuttle services, Moto rides, on-the-go cabs, and more for your customers.

    The customer can quickly book the taxi from the options and get the cab at the doorstep. The feature will have features like:

    • Restricted passenger limit
    • Live-tracking
    • Gender-based preferences
    • Corporate ride options
    • Safety ratings and reviews
    • Ride cancellation
    • Book ride for someone else
    • Shop/stop/eat while riding
    • In-app chat support
    • Carpooling option

    Along with this, you can integrate COVID19 safety measure features that provide you with the Face Mask verification, Safety Checklists, etc. are available for the customers.

    On-demand Delivery Services 

    This section of the Gojek Clone App allows customers to use on-demand delivery services. This includes grocery delivery, food delivery, pharmacy, water bottle, tow truck/road assistance, flowers & gifts, wine delivery, sanitization services, etc. 

    The feature will include:

    • Browsing nearby stores
    • Quick item name searching to add to the cart
    • Promo deals and discounts
    • Multiple online payments
    • Voice instruction for the delivery drivers
    • Live-tracking
    • Restaurants to upload pictures of the kitchen
    • Order cancellation option for store delivery
    • Schedule now get delivery later.

    Apart from this, there are other advanced level features available that include Store wise commission, Day wise separate time slots, Multiple currency/languages, Place multiple orders, and Advanced search filters.

    On-Demand Services

    This feature connects the service providers with the customers for their service offerings. This includes including babysitting, beautician services, healthcare/doctors, tutors, handyman services, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, dog walkers, lawyers, etc.

    The features will include:

    • Push notifications
    • Live-tracking
    • Online payments
    • Feedback and ratings
    • Multiple language/currency 
    • In-app chat support
    • OTP verification 
    • Graphical icon status of the orders

    Buy Gojek Clone Script Solution

    Developing an app like Gojek right from scratch is costly and time taking. If you are building an app like Gojek it will require generous investment. It might be tough for the startups thus, buying a ready-made customized white-label Gojek Clone App seems to be a feasible option.?

    Collaborate with the Gojek App Development company of India that are now offering a feature-rich Gojek Clone App at an affordable price. Purchasing a Gojek clone app source code from a white-label app development company can be extremely beneficial in helping you launch your business in just 5 days.??


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