What is the Purpose and Need of Compression Stockings?

    What is the Purpose and Need of Compression Stockings?

    The increase in heart and lung diseases forced many patients to use various techniques for rapid recovery. Some great medical devices help to treat Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). DVT is a rare infection that directly damages your veins and arteries due to the accumulation of blood clots. Pulmonary Embolism (PE) is another illness that blocks your respiratory system.

    These health problems can be solved if you use the right tool for your body. The compression stockings for DVT are the best medical footwear that helps in many different ways. To understand the basic elements of compression garments, first, you need to know their purpose and importance.

    The Purpose of Compression Stockings

    The legs of the human body demand regular movement and compression stockings for DVT can resolve your issues. The main purpose to use compression socks and stockings is to regulate blood circulation in your lower limbs. The blockage of blood vessels is a serious problem for any person and a smooth flow of fluid is extremely necessary to avoid any infection.

    These compression gears can help to improve blood circulation by decreasing the volume of veins which increases the speed of the bloodstream. The higher the blood flow velocity the fast circulation will occur by which your heart and lungs will perform their functions properly.

    The compression medical stockings help to reduce inflammation present in your legs and foot ankles. To use compression garments, you should first consult your physicians and cardiologist to give you approval after checking your lower limb’s condition. The compression footwear has some limitations and who should wear it or when it is suitable to use them will be answered for this next most asked question: 

    When you should wear Compression Stockings?

    The compression garments are comprised of pressure-exerting micropumps that automatically apply weight on your lower limbs after wearing them.

    Some specific conditions persuade you to use compression footwear which are:

    • When you are sitting for a long period due to traveling or office work or any women during pregnancy.
    • When you have severe swelling in your legs or feet.
    • When you are running or walking or hiking for a prolonged duration.
    • When you have primary symptoms of DVT/PE or lymphedema.
    • When you had surgery on your lower limbs and asked for bed rest.
    • When you suffered from an ankle injury due to a heavy workout.

    The above-mentioned factors support the use of compression socks or stockings for women and men; but apart from when you should use these garments the next question is why you need them.

    Why you need Compression Stockings?

    The compression devices are specially designed to overcome any blood circulation problems externally and these medical garments do their function perfectly. Our body requires active treatment and failure to do that results in serious consequences or permanent sickness. The compression footwear can help you without spending extra money for hospital treatments when you can save your lower limbs from fatal diseases.

    There are some major reasons to use compression stockings for varicose veins which are:

    • Discoloration of your skin

    The swelling of your legs and feet can change your skin color which is not a good sign. It requires instant treatment which can happen by using compression medical stockings. They will heal your swollen limbs and your skin color will change to normal.

    • Burning or skin rash

    The irritation due to DVT/PE can cause skin redness which can be taken care of by wearing compression garments for women and men.

    • Burning and Numbness

    The spider veins on your legs or ankle should not be ignored because they are one of the key reasons for burning or numbness. The compression footgear can reduce burning and numbness if used daily.

    • Arthritis and Bone Bruise

    The ankle pain which happens due to broken bone or swelling can be repaired by using compression garments. Now you have a clear image of the value of compression garments but one thing that most people get confused about is how they work or how to use them?

    How Compression Stockings for DVT work?

    When you wear compression stockings for DVT, they get tightened around your foot, ankle, and calf muscles. The pressure which these garments apply squeezes your leg tissues which force the blood to move upwards and downwards. These stockings reduce the risk of DVT/PE and eliminate discomfort within days. The valves of your arteries cannot be blocked which can only be possible if you use the best compression footwear.

    Benefits of Medical Compression Stockings

    • Treats lymphedema and DVT/PE.
    • Give support to your weak muscles, tendons, and joints.
    • Increases your stamina by healing your organs. 
    • Cleans your blood vessels and removes excess wastage.
    • Refines blood circulation and increases the healing process.
    • Quickly reduces blisters and minimizes swelling in your foot. 

    Where to Get Best Value Compression Products?

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    Feel free to visit preventdvtnow.com and get amazing Medshoola medical garments on their online store.


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