The Gojek Clone Script Includes Brand New Services That Are Designed To Generate 10X Revenues

The number of on-demand delivery providers is growing. In terms of both people’s lives and the corporate world, the epidemic has wreaked devastation. However, on-demand apps like the multi-service app Gojek helped the economy floating.

Instantly gaining popularity and great demand, on-demand services. Being able to make more money than anticipated was a miracle.

Purchasing a white-label Gojek script might be the ideal option, regardless of whether you are a startup or an established company with many operations. These on-demand multi-service apps, like Gojek, are expected to rule the on-demand industry in the upcoming years. Therefore, it is suggested for business owners spend money on a lucrative Gojek clone app.

Launch Gojek Clone Script With Brand New Services and Components

Medical Services

Nothing compares to putting medical care at your fingertips. People detest waiting for their medical appointments over the phone, let alone going to the clinic for checkups. Gojek Clone presents “Medical Services,” which provides on-demand ambulance services, video chat sessions, connections to nearby blood banks, doorstep medication deliveries, and medical appointments on the go. Through a single login, individuals can connect to a variety of healthcare professionals.

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Taxi Booking Using the iWatch App

Allow your Apple customers to hire a cab directly from their watches with the help of the taxi booking iWatch app. It has a similar work mechanism to any Taxi Booking App, allowing you to book a trip from their smartwatch, pay for it, and get the ETA. For your Uber Clone Taxi App, this might be a game-changer because it is straightforward, practical, and enticing.

Service Bid

This feature will enable your users to post information about their chores on the apps and request real-time bids from service providers. The consumer can choose the best BID based on the price, ratings, and reviews of the service providers. With the help of this component, your users will be able to make service reservations right now or at a later time. Users have the freedom to perform their tasks on schedule and within their allowed budget thanks to this component.

In the past, customers would complain about service providers’ arbitrary pricing and poor quality. This component provides complete transparency as a result. The user posts the work requirements, together with the necessary data and money. The regional service providers will put the project out to bid. The user has the last say after analyzing their ratings, work history, etc.

Online Video Consultation

This component will enable your customers to book appointments, learn yoga, and consult with a range of experts, including doctors, teachers, lawyers, and astrologers. Booking, payments, and consulting are all done through the app. As a result of what we discovered through Covid, this category is for any work that can be accomplished entirely online without the need for real-world in-person encounters.

The main advantage is that your users can take care of their urgent issues, whether they have to do with health issues, the requirement to select a tutor for their kids, fitness training, legal counsel, or other issues. It can be done by the user in a setting they are comfortable with. You can fix this right now by having a video converter online.

The service provider sends a confirmation after a customer schedules an appointment. The fees are levied and automatically taken from the user’s credit card based on the session’s hour. Those users who are elderly, disabled, or without access to transportation may find this service to be of great assistance. Furthermore, it helps you make more money because it is one of the components that are in high demand right now.

Final Remarks

One of the most well-known on-demand multi-service app-based platforms now available is the Gojek Clone Script. The majority of business owners choose to get their on-demand software from a reliable on-demand mobile app development company as a result.

If you want a Super App that performs like Gojek, work with a White-Label Gojek Clone App Development Company. The modification will be provided by the team behind the app, along with the name and logo of the app’s developer. The use of the app owner’s preferred local languages and currencies are additional desirable bespoke features.

In general, purchasing your Super App from a reputable on-demand mobile app shop is an excellent choice.

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