Gett Clone Taxi Booking App ? Understand The Work Flow, Latest Features and Cost of development

Many people have been motivate by the success of Gett Taxi Booking App to establish a taxi booking business and clone an Uber-like mobile app.

If you want to create your own online taxi-booking service like Gett, this blog will guide you through the process.

How Gett Clone Taxi Booking App Works?

Gett Taxi Booking App is one of the most popular On-Demand Ground Transportation services in the UK. The app has been appreciate and witness a tremendous response from the citizens for offering Corporate fleet, Ride-hailing taxi, and Limos into single platform.

The Taxi Booking App Clone of Gett will have similar features like that of the parent app. The look and the layout will be identical ensuring that your users are able to relate with the app quickly.

The work flow will be as follows:

  • Download and register with the Gett Clone App using social media credentials or phone number and email.
  • Set your drop off and pickup location
  • Choose the Cab from the available list
  • Check the estimated arrival time
  • Add your credit or bank card, which will be use to pay for the ride automatically

Gett Clone App Has Unique Features To Stand Out

Taxi Booking iWatch App

The Apple watch app allows users to book taxis directly from the watch. This makes it easy for them to quickly schedule taxis. It follows a similar process as any taxi booking app, offering cab models to choose from, making payments, and getting ETAs.

Push Notifications Based on Location

By using this feature, the administrator can target users geo-fencing their location. The locations/users can be target with notifications, mass announcements, and other similar messages.

Limiting the driver’s ability to defraud

Due to the fare procedures, people gain trust, which leads to more bookings due to the function that prevents the driver from marking “Arrived” before reaching the user’s location.

Cooking consent pop-up

This function notifies users about the use of “cookies” and asks them if they wish to accept them. GDPR and the EU Cookie Directive are compile with by the Cookie Consent Popup.

Using Firebase for mobile number verification

Google Firebase can verify your phone number for free up to 10,000 times. Following that, the app owner will have to pay according to the package they choose. Third-party SMS services, which are charge and expensive, are significantly cheaper.

Covid19 Safety Features

Getting a ride has become slightly safer now that more people are aware of the minimum safety regulations. On the other hand, the app presents both drivers and riders with a COVID19 safety checklist before take off on their trip to make sure everyone is safe.

Taxi Booking App

How Much Is The Gett Clone App Development Cost?

When it comes to taxi app development, the budget and time frames are the most important considerations for taxi business owners.

To construct a user-friendly and productive taxi booking app, you’ll need to create at least two mobile solutions (one for drivers and another for consumers calling a taxi) as well as an admin panel to handle your taxi booking operations.

V3Cube divides its development process into several stages, and the creation of an online taxi booking software will go through all of them:

  • OS Platform
  • UI/UX design
  • Frontend and backend development
  • QA
  • Customized features
  • Maintenance and upgrades

In Conclusion

By the end of this blog, you should have recognized that Creating Gett Clone App is a great platform for your taxi business. A well-designed taxi booking software can also assist you in identifying market trends, ensuring optimal management, improving service quality, expanding your client base, and giving your company a competitive advantage.

So, to boost your ROI and acquire a competitive edge in the industry, get a taxi booking app for your company right once.