Gojek Clone ? A Futuristic on Demand Marketplace


The App is your Master-Key to Unlock a Great Block of App Users that may not be visible to a Traditional Store Business! With this Ultra-Modern Gojek Clone App, Smart Entrepreneurs like you can serve Online On-Demand Multi-Services to the App Users and Gain their Loyalty. But what could these Services be?? Let?s Find Out.

Get a Taxi Ride with the Gojek Clone

This Super App facilitates its Users with a Smooth and Quick Taxi Ride! One needs to simply Log-In into the App using Valid Credentials and Tap on the Taxi Ride Banner. Therein, the App User can Start by selecting the Pick-Up Location and Destination Address. Moving ahead, one needs to select the Car Type and select one of the Preferred Payment Modes. The App User can Book a Taxi Ride with this Easy and Short Process that would not even take a Complete Minute. Alongside, one is keep open to its Trailblazing Features such as a Separate Panel for Corporate Rides and Tracking the Dear Ones while they are on the Taxi Trip.

On Demand Multi Services app Gets your food Quickly Delivered

With such a Master App, the App Users get to savour Tasty, Delicious, and Hygienic Food Delivered right to their Doorstep. They can select their Favourite Restaurants and Search for their Most-Liked Dishes using the ?Search Box?. Moreover, they can choose from over Different Options and Multiple Toppings to Customize their Food. 

One can Rate the Delivery Expert on the Safety Parameters such as whether it was a Contactless Delivery, and if or not the Delivery Expert wore a Face Mask? Not only this, the App User can also Rate the received Food Items. All Thanks to the ?Advanced Rating Flow for Food Items and Delivery Drivers? Feature. 

Besides, the App Users receives In-App Graphical Push Notifications that intimates them about the Different Status of the Food Order such as ?

  • Restaurant Has Accepted the Food Order
  • Your Meal is being Preparing
  • Delivery Driver is on the Way to the Restaurant
  • Delivery Driver is Waiting at the Restaurant to Pick-Up the Food Order
  • Order has been Pick-ed Up
  • Delivery Driver is On The Way
  • Your Order Has Been Successfully Delivered

Delivery Runner

App Users get the Privilege of Hiring a Delivery Runner who would run errands to do the Assigned Task. If one wants to get a Food Package Picked Up from a Friend’s Home, the Delivery Runner would do the Job. Or if one realizes that the Home Keys are forgotten in the Office ? the Professional Delivery Expert would go to the Office, Pick-Up the Keys, and Deliver right to you. The App User can easily Pay for the Delivery Charges using the Credit Card, In-App Wallet, or even Cash.?

An App Like Gojek Helps you With Medicines Delivery?

One can use this Ultra-Productive App to get the Medicines Delivery at Home with a Bat of an Eyelid. The App User can simply select from a Broad Range of Pharmacies located nearby. From the selected Pharmacy, one needs to add the Required Medicines to the Cart, and Proceed towards the Checkout Page. Herein, the App User would be required to Upload the Medical Prescription using which the Pharmacist would be able to provide the Correct Medicine with Accurate Dosage. Moreover, the App User can choose Contactless Home Delivery by making Online Payment.?

Car Wash is One OF the Offrings Of the? All In One Services? APP

Getting the Car Washed at one?s Own Location, and that too by a Professional Car Washer is a Present-Day Scenario. Using this Multi-Beneficial App, one can easily Hire an Expert Car Washer at Home. The App User can select the Date and Time at which the Service is required. Furthermore, one can select even a Single Service, and also Multiple Services at a Single-Go.?

In Conclusion

Do you want to earn Easy and Quick Money? Do you have that Entrepreneurial Gene in You? Then, it?s Time to get in touch with one of the Legit with License White-Labelling Firms of Global Repute. And this is how you Figure out the Authentic White Labelling Firms in the Market ??

  • A Genuine White Labelling Firm would have a Rich Portfolio of Client Video Testimonials on their Official Website.
  • Such Firms would have not less than a Decades? Experience in Launching Apps Like Gojek on a Regular Daily Basis.
  • The Firm should provide you with Demo Apps for Free. That you can Browse and Test for as long as you want until you are completely satisfy yourself. This is the Perfect App you were looking for.
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