What Should You Know About Developing Gojek Clone App 2022

If you are looking to have multiple services in one app ? Gojek Clone 2022 suits you the best.

In this tech-savvy world, it is important to launch a well-developed Gojek like App. Developing a single niche application is not only costly but requires attention to maintain them. Gojek Clone seems to suffice the requirements of all. This robust Super App can carry over 70 services under a single application offering On-Demand Delivery services, Uber-like Taxi Booking, Parcel Delivery, Services like Handyman, Online Video Consultation, and Service Bid.

How Can Your Business Benefits Using Gojek Clone 2022?

Developing an app like Gojek can be beneficial for your business, as includes multiple services under a single application. The basis of that, it generates multiple revenue streams which are ever-flowing.

Creating Gojek Clone App brings your business

  • More opportunities
  • Your business gets more value
  • Greater visibility
  • More sales opportunities
  • It develops a single-point contact
  • Single and simple touch login and register
  • Cross-collaboration encouragement
  • You get feedback and ratings to improve
  • Wider customer base
  • Multi-languages and currencies to launch the app in any geographical location without hassles

What Are The Different Services Include In Gojek Clone 2022

Uber-like Taxi Ride Booking Services

Uber-like Taxi Booking Services is the primary category of Gojek Clone 2022. Users will complete the details and confirm the taxi ride. The taxi will arrive at the specified pickup location. You can offer Uber-like Taxi Rental Services, Moto-Ride, Moto-Rental services, as well as pool options. If you’re interest in additional services such as corporate rides, etc., discuss your requirements with the company representative.

On-Demand Delivery

It is a store-based delivery service that allows consumers to order items on demand and have them delivered to their doorstep. Customers can place orders for food, groceries, wine/alcohol, pharmaceuticals, logistics, flowers and presents, office supplies, and more through this website.

The customer places an order with a nearby retailer, pays using several in-app payment options such as credit/debit card, wallet, and so on, and has it delivered to their doorstep.

Deliver Anything Anywhere ? X to Y

Allow your customers to have their items delivered from one location to another. With On-Demand Parcel Delivery, your package deliveries are taken care of, whether it’s a single delivery or a series of deliveries. This is similar to Uber Taxi in that items are deliver. Users can schedule deliveries using the iOS and Android apps, as well as the website.

On-Demand Services

It offers On-Demand Services that involves over 52 services like Handyman, Doctors, Lawyers, Tutors, Massage therapists, Gym/fitness instructors, Pet walkers, Babysitters, etc. It allows your users to book on-demand services or schedule on a later date and pay using a secured online payment gateway.

Service Bid

Users of the app can publish work descriptions for handyman categories such as plumbers, painters, carpenters, and electricians, among others. As a result, all handymen in the vicinity of the Service Location whose services you desire will be notified about the Job Request! Interested Professionals can now begin bidding for the job via In-App Push Notifications!

Only the iOS and Android apps have this Service Bidding feature.

Online Video Consultation

Whether you have been struggling with weight loss issues, need expert legal guidance, or just wish to book a tutor for your kid. Now everything and more can be possible without stepping out of your home.

Online Video Consultations with experts such as doctors, attorneys, tutors, fitness instructors and more can be book in just a few taps. The meeting can be reschedule at a later date and time using your Android and IOS smart devices.

On-Demand Delivery Genie

Delivery Genie

Any item purchased from a nearby store, shop, or mall will be deliver to your user?s doorstep as per your order/instructions. ?

Using Delivery Runner, your users can have anything / any item/anything picked up, dropped off, or delivered wherever they desire in their immediate vicinity.

Gojek Clone 2022

Latest Features Of Gojek Clone 2022

Gojek Clone 2022 App can seamlessly handle numerous deliveries and different services, inclusive of Taxi Booking, Moto-rentals, Food delivery, Grocery delivery, Handyman, etc.

The New Happening Features Of Super App 2022 Include:

  • Taxi booking iWatch App
  • Login using Face ID and Fingerprints
  • Driver Reward Feature
  • Back to Back Trips
  • Country-wise Different Payment Gateway Support
  • Facebook Pixel Support
  • Facebook Ads Integration
  • Google Ads Integration
  • Provider Image Gallery with Videos
  • Multiple Credit Card Management
  • Item (Deliver All) photo with video and multiple images

What Is The Cost Of Developing An App Like Gojek in 2022?

No one can accurately estimate the cost or budget, and it also depends on several things. We understand that developing a multi-service app necessitates a large number of features and segments. It consists of

  • UI/UX (user interface/user experience) design
  • Third-party Ad Banners
  • App functionalities must be checked for quality
  • Maintenance and Upgrades

If you want to construct an on-demand service like Gojek, set a budget and hire an app development company like V3Cube to assist you to build the best app possible within that budget.

Hiring An App Development Company Like V3Cube

V3Cube has developed innumerable On-Demand Applications for its Global Clients. Gojek Clone 2022 is their best-selling app that has been appreciated worldwide. They’ve built a reputation for creating the most practical and scalable business solutions for on-demand service providers in the market.

The Gojek Clone App is the answer to your long-term research if you’re a startup or an entrepreneur trying to enter the ever-growing on-demand multi-service sector. V3Cube, India’s leading app development company, offers the scalable Gojek Clone App 2022.

As an on-demand business, the Gojek Clone Script solution gives the flexibility to change features, themes, and more because it is a ready-made web app solution.

You’ll never want to leave once you’ve played the demo. Let’s design a Gojek clone app in no time and make ten times the money.

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