Get Quick Cooling If Your AC Breaks

    Quick Cooling

    Summer is fast approaching, and it can be an awful time for your AC to break down. Due to this weather, the demands for AC services are quite high, and you may have to wait a while before getting a technician. You can always reach out to Thermacool Services to get yours fixed. 

    It may be a very challenging experience to wait until it gets to the day of your appointment for your ac maintenance or repairs. However, while waiting for the service, you can get past the heat with the following tips: 

    Use fans

    It works well in summer and can reduce the heat in the room by 4 degrees. So if your home is raging at 88 degrees, you can find some comfort when the fan reduces it to 84.

    When using a ceiling fan, ensure it is sending the windchill effects downward and producing sufficient breeze. The fan mostly cools people and may not lower the temperature of the room. Keeping the fact at heart should remind you to turn it off when you are leaving the room. It will save you the energy cost.

    When the sun is down, take your fan to an open window so that it can blow in the cool evening breeze. You can run your attic fan (if you have one) at night so that it will channel in the chilly night breeze into the house. When you wake in the morning, turn off the attic fan and close your window. This will keep the fresh air trapped inside. If this doesn?t do the magic for you, then you can consider loft air-conditioning.

    Use ice to cool the room

    For people who can?t opt for loft conversion air conditioning in London, you can use this trick.

    If you add some cubes of ice to a glass of water and place your hands over the glass, the air there will be more cool, right? You can improve upon this technique to make your room feel cooler. Place a big iceblock in a casserole dish or a baking sheet to supersize the effect. The cooling from the ice will reduce the temperature of the house until you fix your broken air conditioner.

    Keep yourself cool

    While running your fan, you can enhance your comfort by placing a wet towel on your neck. You can feel better if you wear wet clothes when the weather is hot. If you have troubles sleeping at night because of the temperature, wash your bed sheet and lay it back without drying. Sleeping on the wet bed sheet will make you sleep better. 

    Also, you are more likely to sweat more while sleeping in a hot room. Ensure you keep yourself hydrated to replace the lost fluids.

    Prevent heat from coming in

    You will find it more challenging to cool your room if it is facing either the south or west. They are more exposed to the heat from the sun. To keep fresh, cover the shades on the window to reduce the incoming heat from the sun. It will work better if your curtains are thick, dark, and have a reflective white backing. This backing will reflect the incoming sun rays outside. 

    If you want to use a natural home cooling design, try planting trees on the south or west part of your house. They will shade the rooms from the sun in the afternoon.

    Reduce your internal heat generation

    The heat in the house can become worse if you put on some heat-generating appliances like dishwasher, oven, stove, or dryer. Using them when your air conditioner is in not so good shape will make your home feel like hell. Use your microwave and wait until the sun goes down before you use other heat-generating appliances.

    Request for AC repair and replacement services

    Having a broken air conditioner can be so inconveniencing. You can imagine how terrible your experience will be if you have to spend a hot summer day without one. If you have a faulty air conditioner for loft, you can call us to help you give it a quick fix. However, if your air conditioner breaks down too often or is ageing, it may be time for a replacement. You should also think of replacing your air conditioner if the cost to repair its faults is becoming too expensive.

    We?ve got your back for any repair or replacement work you want to do. You should contact us for our cooling services. We offer free air-condition installation quotes; you can request for that too by calling 020 7738 8666 to get started!  

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