Cataract Surgery Recovery: Ways to Prepare and Your Expectation

    Cataract Surgery

    Obviously there are pre-operative preparations for the cataract surgery but there are also lots more to do during recovery procedure post-operation. While everyone is highly concerned about minimal recovery period, it is suggested to follow the given instructions and some tips strictly. Also, your overall physical ability has an important role to play for minimising the healing period. Know much more about it from this blog.    

    Dropless cataract surgery recovery

    The dropless surgery is the latest advancement in cataract surgery. In this procedure, you have to apply a drop or two of the prescribed eye drop for protection of your eye against further inflammation and infection. It must be applied for 3-4 times every day for about a month. 

    With dropless cataract surgery in London, the essential medications are already placed into the eye at the time of the operation. Therefore, it eliminates the necessity of application of eye-drops post-surgery.    

    With this surgery there will be no;

    • Confusion which eye drops to apply and when
    • Struggle with your arthritis pain for squeezing bottle of eye drop
    • Eye-drop associated discomfort on your eye?s surface
    • Worry to forget or skip the application of eye drops 
    • Post-operative expense for purchasing eye drop to use them

    This cataract surgery is for most patients who have to undergo traditional cataract surgery. But the people with glaucoma are not eligible to undergo this surgery. Even people who are prone to inflammation and have a history of high steroidal reaction cannot perform this surgery as well.  

    Only an ophthalmologist can disclose whether you are eligible for this surgery or not by assessing your condition along with other medical issues. 

    How much time is required to recover entirely from cataract surgery?

    The time period of cataract surgery recovery is relatively short! Any sort of slight discomfort and soreness will get disappeared within a few days. But full recovery will be entirely depended on your ability and physiology along with size and nature of cataracts. 

    Moreover, it is also pivotal for you to follow the post-surgery care instructions strictly and keep in touch with your eye surgeon for any emergency assistance as well.

    Some after preparatory tips to recover from cataract surgery successfully 

    Transportation must be designated after surgery 

    On completion of the surgery sedation will be given and the eye gets bandaged. This will limit the vision for a few days but there will not be any pain at all. Yet you are not supposed to drive in this situation. Take any of your family members or friend who can drive back you home or stay in the hospital for 24 hours before returning home. 

    Perform the heavy lifting before the surgery

    Slight household chores and walk are okay! However, you will be strictly avoided bending or lifting of heavy weights till several weeks post-surgery. Until you get recovered completely from the surgery you shouldn?t perform any intense physical activities. 

    Meals should be prepared for a few weeks

    On completion of the cataract surgery, it is obvious to feel lethargic and fatigued. During healing period, preparing food for the family is really strenuous. Therefore, it is advised to prepare the meals ahead of your surgery or purchase pre-cooked meals that don?t need much preparation to serve.  

    Swimming pools should be avoided for a week

    Swimming pools are the breeding grounds of certain diseases and recovery is the key thing that the eye needs to heal from the cataract surgery. If you are fitness freak and love to swim often, then avoid pool, hot tubs and saunas at least for some weeks so that the eyes can heal well.  

    Strictly adhere to the doctor?s instructions

    Though recovery from cataract surgery is totally depended on you yet your eye surgeon has an integral role to play too. If you perform the surgery from best cataract surgery Clinic in UK you can rest assured with the aftercare as well. 

    Strictly follow the instruction provided to you by the doctor and take the eye drop at a regular basis. Contact with your eye surgeon if you follow any of the following issues:

    • Unusual light flash in the vision
    • Water discharge from the eye
    • No reduction to swelling or redness
    • Increased eye pain
    • Eyesight gets worse
    • Any uncertain changes to the vision

    Post cataract surgery exercises

    Once the cataract surgery is over you have to stay carefully for a few weeks. Abstain from performing any kind of strenuous activity. It increases the injury chances resulting from impaired vision. Even it will result in extreme pressure in head and eyes due to which other associated complications may emerge. 

    Heavy lifting and high-intensity exercises should be avoided at the same time as it can heighten the risk of infection. Walking and other light exercises can be resumed after some days. Regular exercise routine can be resumed fully after a month. 

    Always consult with an eye specialist 

    A concrete plan is required for both after and before undergoing cataract surgery. You can find online what you should do before and after the surgery. Even you can consult with an ophthalmologist who can advise you in the best way possible regarding both advanced and basic cataract surgery.?

    If you are looking for a reliable eye specialist then, Optimal Vision is the right destination for you! Schedule your consultation appointment today and start taking the preparation of undergoing cataract surgery. Contact us today for more info.   

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