How to Get Australian Skilled Independent Visa?

skilled independent visa

Australia is a vast and wonderful country that can offer you numerous opportunities. The skilled independent visa is one of the ways to enter Australia. Under this program, individuals need to attain the point-tested stream and be highly skilled to get invited and get a chance to have a permanent and remarkable life in Australia with their family under certain conditions.

Benefits of Skilled Independent Work Visa

Australia is a beautiful nation with various opportunities for career growth. Here are the advantages you can get when you have a subclass 189 visa:

  • You can work in Australia.
  • You have permission to pursue higher education.
  • You can enter and visit other countries from Australia numerous times.
  • You can sponsor a family member to get permanent residence.
  • You can apply for Australian citizenship under certain terms.

Australia Work Visa Permit Requirements

Australia offers a variety of job opportunities, but you need to qualify for the process to receive a skilled work visa in Australia. Make a checklist of the following documents to increase the chances of visa approval:

  • Application Form for Subclass 189 Visa
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • Evidence of identification
  • English proficiency examination results
  • Documents of educational qualifications
  • Assessment of skills report
  • Employer reference letter
  • Certificate of character issued by the authorities.
  • Certificate of medical examination
  • Australian Education Qualification Documents
  • Proof of the partner’s English proficiency
  • Documents verifying the status of the relationship (if any)
  • Other documents, as asked during the process.
  • Meet the minimum score of 65 under the point stream.

Process of Subclass 189 Visa Australia

Follow the below steps to get a 189 visa:

  1. Present an Expression of Interest (EOI): When you apply through the points-tested stream, you also need to submit an expression of interest through Skill Select.
  2. Meet the Requirements: After you have submitted your personal information for your EOI, Skill Select will begin calculating the total number of points you earned based on your abilities and skills; if you have acquired a minimum of 65 points, you will be immediately invited to apply for the visa.
  3. After submitting the EOI, the next step is waiting for the invitation to apply for the visa.
  4. Apply for the Visa: apply for a visa through Immi Account after you receive the invitation. For this, you should log in to your Skill select account and then select ‚Äúapply for the visa,‚ÄĚ which will forward you to the Immi account.


In a nutshell, getting an Australian Skilled Independent Visa is very beneficial, as this allows you to avail yourself of many Australian benefits, dive into the ocean of knowledge, and participate in a global market of opportunities. If you want to apply for a subclass 189 visa in Australia, just call us or follow this article for a seamless process. I hope you found this blog helpful.