The Future of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Today, the power of technology is such that it has the potential to allow us to jump to solutions virtually without manipulating reality. Technology also lets us view alternative solutions to a problem by just looking at the screen. This phenomenon is known as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality).

This vivid use of technology is quite famous in Singapore, where arcades of AR and Virtual Reality are cropping up all over the nation. Singapore is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Thus, Augmented Reality solutions in Singapore are quite easily accessible for someone living there.? Augmented Reality solutions in Singaporemake the lives of the people living here way more convenient. For instance, AR allows people to try on clothes without wearing them or check whether the furniture goes in the corner without even buying one.

Virtual Reality solutions in Singapore

But how does it work? Augmented Reality is partly immersive. The computer algorithm used in AR draws on sensors and markers to spot the current position of the object and determine the location of simulated ones. Later, the technology renders the picture that is visible on the camera. Perhaps reality can be augmented with something as simple as the smartphone which must have the required features needed to operate.

Below are some of the uses of Augmented Reality:

  • Enhanced surgical training and performance
  • 3-D real estate model
  • Entertainment

When you can check which haircut suits you without even getting the hair cut, you know you have entered the world of Augmented Reality.

However, Augmented Reality is quite different from Virtual Reality. Although interchangeably used, they work in different ways. Following are the differences:

  • Where augmentation uses a real-world setting, Virtual Reality is entirely virtual.
  • Augmented Reality can be accessed with a smartphone, whereas Virtual Reality requires a specific set of devices.
  • Virtual Reality only deals with fictional reality, while Augmented Reality enhances both.

For those, based in Singapore looking for a more immersive virtual experience, Virtual Reality is the best option. Virtual Reality solutions in Singapore are, yet again, widely known and popularly used. Virtual Reality produces a computer-generated simulation of an alternate world. The creation of high-end video games where the player feels as if they are inside the game makes the use of Virtual Reality to build that experience.

Virtual Reality solutions in Singapore is growing exponentially, offers cost-effective psychophysics-based solutions. Using virtual devices one can dive into the world of Virtual Reality and derive unmatched solutions without making any changes in reality. Companies that create content based on Virtual Reality offer their services in one of the following ways:

  • Creating digital content for movies. Big science fiction movies are filmed with the help of this technology.
  • Some exhibitions make use of Virtual Reality to showcase artworks.
  • It is also used in sports, healthcare, and education. A solution is sought using Virtual Reality in these areas.

As we keep advancing into the future these developments shall become the new normal and shall be adopted by everyone. What seems surprising today will be in the homes of every other person in the future. Both forms of reality manipulations are poles apart that cater to the needs and requirements. Hence, neither can be categorized as better than the other.