Review Of Fortnite Bloom

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    So here I am talking about match of Fortnite: Battle Royale I aim right at another player and I miss every single shot because in Fortnite I?m not actually allowed to shoot straight. As you may know, this is because of Fortnite?s controversial aiming system where whenever you shoot you won?t shoot straight, but will shoot at a random spot within a small reticle you can choose code vein cheat engine for cheat codes to do it perfectly. This system is commonly referred to as a bloom system in shooters and even if that?s not technically the correct term in this case we?ll call it that for now.

    Can I shoot straight in Fortnite? because you can?t, you?re not allowed to. What I what to answer is WHY this bloom system is in the game in the first place and how it is the driving factor that forces players to play Fortnite in a way, unlike all other shooters. I?m Etra from Etra Games a channel about breaking down game design and before I can back up the bold claim I just made I need to share a bit of background information regarding the origin and development of Fortnite: Battle Royale.

    All this may all seem a bit random at first but in a bit, you?ll see how this links with the games bloom system. So to start off Fortnite Battle Royale is a Battle Royale game that was built off the pre-existing horde survival shooter by Epic Games, Fortnite: Save the World. Long story short they noted the Battle Royal genre was getting wildly popular with Player Unkown?s Battlegrounds leading the charge and saw the opportunity to use Save the World?s assets to make a Battle Royale game. Please make sure that your ping system working well and if not you should learn that how to show ping in fortnite for good experience to your users.

    Now they could have just made Fortnite: Battle Royale a much more polished version of Player Unkown?s Battlegrounds like it is often accused of being, but Epic Games wanted to choose something other by using Save the World?s building system in a player vs. player setting. And The most unique aspect to come from this build system, at least in my opinion, seems to be build battles where you and an opponent will charge at each other building mid air structures that twist around and overlap each other, while looking for an opening in your opponent’s design to eliminate them with a shotgun blast without getting eliminated yourself.

    Now I have to say something a bit personal about this build system to help explain some why it is so important to the bloom system and that is I usually don?t like shooters. More specifically cover-based shooters. My problem with them is they seem to get repetitive when you move up behind cover and fire, move up and fire, and repeat that again and again. What doesn?t help this system is when you do fire in just about any shooter you seem to shoot in a 2D plane where whenever your opponent moves you really only have to aim left or right whether they move towards you away from you to your left or to your right.

    Even when there is a difference in verticality generally your opponent can only move in a horizontal plane within your sights. The only exception is having the high ground where there is a bit more variety, with enemies being able to move up and down in your sights. However, in Fortnite, your opponent can suddenly move in the Z-axis with the build system and the with the ridiculous jump height of the game?s Characters.

    This, I believe, adds more variety to the gunplay, Fortnite is definitely not the only game that uses this idea of verticality, but it takes that idea and goes crazy with it in the build battles where opponents are not just able to move left, right, and upward and in your sights, but could reasonably come from any direction around you, above, or below you in a build battle, which fully opens upa literal third dimension to create scenarios in, giving build battles more gameplay opportunities and depth than typical shooter combat in my opinion. So now that we have all that background information out of the way here?s where I have to make an assumption that should prove itself in a bit, which is Epic Games wants players to get into these build battles.

    This assumption presents the question. As a Game Designer how do you make players get into these build battles instead of just shooting their opponents from behind cover like they are used to? Well, you use a little bit of phycology in the form of the Dominant Strategy and here is where the bloom effect comes into play. See the Dominant Strategy is a strategy that will offer a higher payoff or chance of success than all other possible strategies and will most likely be chosen regardless of how ?fun? or interesting other ways of completing a task may be.

    For example in an RPG if you have to level up it is much more interesting to complete various side quests and mini-dungeons to level up instead of fighting the same enemy over and over, but if fighting the same enemy over and over is a more efficient way to level up more often than not players are going to do that instead of side quests and probably won?t enjoy playing that portion of the game as much as they could have.

    So as a game designer one way to make players get into build battles more would be to make getting into build battles or just getting close to your opponent the dominant strategy in Fortnite?s combat. And I think this is why they make the bloom of Fortnite?s weapons so huge or at least significantly larger than most other Triple-A multiplayer shooters as you can see here. They even take this a step further by making the shotgun the most powerful and accurate gun in the game.

    So for an example If you are getting shot at in Fortnite sure you can create cover or hide behind cover but since all cover can be destroyed and all walls can be destroyed you will eventually run out of materials or walls to hide behind. So as a player you are left with three choices. You could run out of materials and die, which I do not recommend. Have a random chance of shooting your opponent even if you aim correctly, with an inaccurate gun.

    You could have a guaranteed chance of shooting your opponent if you aim correctly, with the more powerful shotgun, and therefore into a build battle. This system essentially forces players to get into build battles if they don?t want to leave their fates up to chance and it makes them experience a combat scenario with more depth than poking your head out from a wall to shoot your opponent. Now is making it so you can?t shoot straight with any gun except the shotgun a worthy trade-off for the sake of getting players into build battles? I honestly don?t know, but Fortnite is decently popular so there’s that.

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