Why is financial modelling indispensable?

    financial modeling

    Money has always been a complicated concern for humans and to tackle it, they have invented some ways to keep a better track of it. The calculations take place on a spreadsheet that makes the data look organised and easy-to-manage. Some tools and tactics make finances predictable and help us manage funds better with a track on. Financial modelling is one of the most popular ways of money management, and you should know its significance because it can help you miraculously.

    What Is Financial Modeling?

    Financial modelling is a tool to create an all-inclusive report of the expenses and earnings. The aim is to understand the financial behaviour and track the impact of current decisions on the future.  It is a mirror of the spending habits and earning capacity of a commercial entity. Financial modelling is majorly used in the corporate world for better control on the finances.

    Fields That Use Financial Modeling

    Financial modelling holds its irreplaceable significance in varied fields and industries, such as?

    • Credit rating agencies
    • Project finance companies
    • Investment banks
    • Mutual funds
    • Public accounting
    • Equity research etc.

    In every field, financial modelling is used for varied purpose but for one common purpose that is ? know your finances well?. There are different things that a company can attain through this method, which makes this tool significant and also unavoidable.

    It Is Multifunctional

    Yes, it is true.  Financial modelling not only keeps a record of expenses and income but also fulfils many purposes tangible in importance.

    Here are several out of multiple concerns you can solve through FM ?

    • Ratio analysis
    • Asset allocation
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • Risk appetite
    • Capital allocation
    • Value the business
    • Budgeting and forecasting

    There is so much more to do with the help of financial modelling, which reveals another feature of this method. Flexibility is a prime feature that makes FM a favourite of all; it can be used for just any financial purpose.

    Construct Better Money Strategy

    Money just slips from your hands if you do not keep a record of where it is going and for what purpose. Financial modeling helps in knowing the significance of an expense or an obligation. It gives an insight into your financial judgments.

    From a finance company to a start-up business, an entity can know the actual reasons of its current and future financial conditions.

    Take an example from the recent world scenario

    After corona pandemic, the loan industry is in difficult struggle to regain its business. People have less purchasing power, and finance companies are trying to help them with a reduced rate of interest. But they cannot provide an extremely lower rate due to their money targets.

    A car loan company that offered guaranteed car finance in Ireland on a 2.5% lower rate in the last three months due to corona effect. Now to know how that strategy performed, the finance company need to track the effects of its strategy. Financial modelling can help to figure out big as well as financial decisions and their impact on growth and performance.

    According to the conclusions obtained from financial modelling, a company can make a better plan for the future. In the above example, you can know the following things –

    • Was it a good idea to offer a big reduction in the rate of interest?
    • Did it bring the due profit or caused a financial loss to the company?
    • Should you continue with the same strategy or should change it immediately?

    In short, you can be futuristic through financial modelling and create a better strategy for money management.


    To get most out of financial modelling, you need to know how to do it in the best possible manner. Here are some of the tips and suggestions to make an efficient plan for finances through FM.

    • Make a clear format ? It is special advice for beginners who have less knowledge about this method. A clear and categories format is easy to understand when you get back to the spreadsheet the next day. ?
    • Keep it simple ? Simple approach is always good in financial management. It helps in maintaining control of the varied elements of the model and understands them easily.
    • Use descriptive labels ? The columns you make should be backed-up by the descriptive content. They should be at the right place with related mention of the data present in the spreadsheet.
    • Use error checks ? It can save a lot of time that you may need to spend after detecting a lot of mistakes later. Error checks help in making better use of the modelling tools.
    • Make a table of content ? There are many things in a spreadsheet that you mention and have to analyse, and you may forget about them. The table of content helps you know what is there is the sheet.?

    The above points explain well the vastness in the approach of financial modelling, which translates well into its applicability for varied reasons. Nowadays, with the help of automation, it has become even more convenient to apply it and track better the nature of finances. Use it well, and you can tame the money well for good.

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