Top Financial Goal Planner Apps To Have In 2020

    Everyone needs a financial goal in their life. There are many ways to achieve the financial goal and one of them is a goal-setting app or financial planning app that helps you to set, track and reach your goals. But for having a good financial goal, a powerful budget is a must. Budget is the most effective way to manage your money for the long term.

    Budgeting is not easy, you need to cut all your unnecessary expenses. There are some financial wellness apps are available that help you to overcome your expenses, manage your money and reach financial goals whether it?s long term or short term.

    financial goal planner app

    Table of Content:

    1. What is goal planning?
    2. Benefits of planning your future goals?
    3. How financial goal planner app can be used?

    Best Financial Goal Planner Apps

    • Takefin Finance- Expenses Tracking App
    • Mint- Best Personal Finance App
    • Expensify- Best Budget App for Android and iOS
    • YNAB- Best Personal Financial Planning App
    • Every Dollar- Business Expense Tracker App

    What is Goal Planning?

    Goal Planning is very important in everyone?s life as it is the core of financial planning. It helps you to set a financial goal whether it is long term or short term and plan to achieve them. The short term goals may be building an emergency fund, buying a car, buying appliances, renovation of house and other, while in the long term goals it can be buying a home, planning for retirement, kid?s education, and others.

    Benefits of Planning your Future Goals?

    Future goal planning relates to financial planning. It helps you to improve cash flow management. Here are the following benefits of planning for future goals.

    1. Future planning helps you to boost up your confidence in the future.
    2. Future planning goals help you to save money.
    3. It offers peace of mind by saving money for long term goals.
    4. The most important benefits are it helps you reach your financial goal.

    How Financial Goal Planner App can be Used?

    The financial goal is the only thing that examines your needs. The goal planner apps allow you to develop different kinds of financial goals like saving for the future, planning for retirement, planning for marriage, buying assets. It creates a budget and helps you to stick to that.

    Here we listed the best financial goal planner app which is beneficial for you.

    • Takefin Finance- Expenses Tracking App
    expenses tracking app

    If you want to have an effective financial goal Takefin expense tracker app is the solution. It allows you to track and monitor your finance. It creates a budget and monitors your spending on a monthly basis. Takefin is a best personal finance app android and budgeting app that analyzes finance and manages all your financial records with ease. This finance planning app is ideal for both business and personal tracking. This personal finance app supports android and iPhone.

    Best Features

    Takefin is a smart app that tracks and monitors your finances effortlessly.

    • Mint- Best Personal Finance App 
    Best personal finance app

    Mint is the best app to manage personal finances. Mint allows you to add all your credit cards, bank accounts to track the expenses, categorize them and gives a clear picture of how you are spending your money. In this app, you can create a budget and track where your money is going. 

    Best Features

    The best thing about this app is it can automatically categorize the transaction.

    • Expensify- Best Budget App for Android and iOS
    Best budget app for android

    Expensify is the best budget app for android and iOS as it generates a real-time report by record automatically all the expenses. This app tracks all your spendings or expenses like fuel, travel, meals and create receipts and saves the expenses. The Expensify allows you to check and download the receipts based on your transaction. 

    Best Feature

    The best thing about this app is it has a system that identifies the date and amount of transaction which can be automatically categorized and saves.

    • YNAB Best Personal Financial Planning App
    Personal financial planning app

    YNAB is the best personal financial planning app. The YNAB stands for You Need A Budget, it creates a budget you can stick to it. This budget helps you to gain control of your spending. This app can import all your transaction and applies them to each category of budget to show you a clear picture of your spending and also helps you to improve in that area.

    Best Feature

    YNAB designed four rule that helps the user to reach their financial goals. And it is the best personal wellness app for everyone.

    • Every Dollar- Business Expense Tracker App
    Business expense tracker app

    Expensify is the best business expense tracker app. Thi app has 8 main budgeting categories like saving, housing, food, transportation, lifestyle, debt, etc. Expensify app helps you to track easily all the expenses on a monthly basis. This app is the best personal finance and expense tracker app. 

    Best Feature

    The best thing about this app is it helps you to sort out your financial queries.  

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