Top 10 Trending Features Of Gojek Clone That Assist You In Growing Your Business in Vietnam

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Super Apps like Gojek is in charge of the world of on-demand. providing consumers with a wide range of services is something that every business owner in Vietnam looks for when launching an app like Gojek.

The Gojek Clone offers a variety of services, such as on-demand delivery services, taxi booking, and other services, all from a single app. It all began with the release of the Gojek App, which made it evident that a new category of on-demand apps would soon dominate the market.

Gojek App to launch multi service business in Vietnam

Indonesian-born Gojek was first released in 2015 and within just two years had 30 million downloads. Before eventually expanding its horizons by providing a wide range of mobile services, it was only providing Moto rides to the public. The business model, which is how the Gojek Clone App got started, enables offering a variety of services on a single platform.

If you’re starting a business in Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Angola, Singapore, or Malaysia, Gojek Clone Super App gives you a great opportunity to get off the ground quickly.

The economy, therefore needs something like Gojek to get itself up and moving once more. Your business can have a monopoly in a country like the USA where the general public hasn’t used a Super App.

Top 10 Features To Grow Your Business in Vietnam

Face Id/Fingerprint Login

Customers love those apps that provide them convenience and comfort. They stick to your app, using it more to place orders and book services wherever they want because they know there is less of a hassle of handling multiple apps on their smartphones.

Integrating your app with Face Id/Fingerprint ID login removes the hassles of now and then logging in and logout. Once you have registered you simply can access 101+ services using Face Id/Fingerprint ID.

Service Bid

This feature component can be used by customers who must stay within a predetermined budget and deadline. It is a recently added module that enables your users to submit their needs for On-Demand Services along with price, brief descriptions of the activities, a deadline, and payment terms. The users can select the service provider they are drawn to from the service providers bidding for it in that particular area. A choice can be made based on historical performance, cost, ratings, and timely completion of the task.

Schedule Video Consultation

We streamline chores so your users don’t have to leave their homes, capitalizing on the Social Distancing trend. The online video consultation tool allows your users to speak with a variety of service specialists, including doctors, lawyers, legal advisers, teachers, and fitness instructors. You can use your Apple or Android phone to have video discussions with real people with this app. In only a few clicks, you can arrange a private video conference with a verified service provider.

Save multiple credit cards

Both your users and taxi drivers can save and utilize different credit cards thanks to it. You can add and remove credit cards using the feature, which keeps your financial data safe. Give your users the flexibility they require so they can shop with assurance.

There are 25 available currencies and languages

It is perhaps the most important phase in creating an on-demand app. What nation would you choose, for instance, if the locals didn’t speak English and used US dollars? You won’t have to worry at all about this fantastic program. There are 25 possible languages and currencies, including US dollars and standard English.

Taxi booking using the iWatch App

Allow customers to use their Apple smartwatches to order taxis. The Taxi Booking iWatch App just has to be downloaded once on an iPhone before it begins to download to a user’s smartwatch. After the ride has been planned, the name and photo of the Driver will appear on the iWatch screen.

Push notifications with a specific location

The capability to geo-fence a location allows an administrator to pitch users bulk messages, discount coupons, and other relevant information.

Location-wise banners

With the use of this function, the administrator can set up the Home Page Banner “Location-wise” so that only the users you want to target can see it.

Voice instruction for the delivery executives/drivers

To provide delivery instructions, such as a location or other information, customers can now transmit audio messages to the delivery drivers.

Graphical real-time tracking

The software will display a graphical illustration of the precise point at which the products will be delivered, including phrases like “Order placed,” “Order confirmed,” “Order ready,” “Order picked up,” and “Order delivered.”

Why Purchase A White-label Taxi Booking App?

The quickest and least expensive method to launch your taxi booking website is with the White-label Gojek Script Solution. You’ll need to do a lot of studies and test all of the crucial components.

Additionally, you might need to change some features, add some new ones, or altogether revamp the user interface. Whatever the case, it will be significantly less expensive than beginning from scratch.

Listed below are the advantages of owning the Gojek clone app.

  • Get evaluations and feedback
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Take your company to the next level
  • Increase revenue.
In Conclusion

You may easily seize control of the on-demand taxi booking business in Vietnam if you have the advanced level capabilities depicted above in Gojek Clone 2023.

All you need to do to get things going is collaborate with the Gojek Clone App Development Company. Discuss with the representative your requirements for your taxi service, the target audiences and locations you want to include in the app, the many languages and currencies you want to support, and more.

The team starts the white-labeling process when the Demo is done. As a result, improving your taxi booking business in Vietnam will take a total of 7 working days.

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