Brilliant career in Fashion Design in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has been advancing in the garment industry for a long time. The demand for skilled manpower has also increased as thousands of garments, buying houses, fashion houses and boutique houses have sprung up across the country.

Fashion design is a very popular topic these days. If you have creativity, you too can be the fashion designer of the future. 

Do you like to wear new designs? Follow the fashion trends. Again, if you love to not only wear the dress, but also to design. But you can take fashion design as a career. Those of you who want to read about fashion design can take a course on fashion design. Fashion design is a very popular topic today. Fashion design is not just about designing clothes. You can also know about the fabric of the dress, the fabric of the fabric, the qualities of the fabric, the color of the fabric, the design of the fabric, etc.

Fashion design in Bangladesh:

About three-quarters of Bangladesh’s total national export income comes from the garment industry. About 4 million people are directly and indirectly involved in textile industry in Bangladesh. In other words, this industry has created significant employment opportunities as well as significant development of the country. In this case, not only the uneducated, semi-educated or poor people have got employment, but also the educated people have got golden opportunities in this industry.

Because the amount of income that an educated youth can earn in this profession by preparing himself through short term training is not possible in any other profession. The minimum monthly salary of a designer and merchandiser with a minimum qualification in fashion design and merchandising profession can be start at least 18 to 20 thousand BDT. Which can increase from one to one and a half lakh BDT according to the qualifications.

Merchandising : Responsibilities of a Garment Merchandiser in Apparel  Industry

Anyone with a bachelor’s, master’s or equivalent degree can build a modern and smart career with training in this profession. At the beginning of the export of goods in the garment industry, there were no such training centres in this country. But in the last few years, a training academy called NIFT has been set up at the initiative of the garment industry.

The company has an important role to play in creating skilled fashion and merchandiser garments technicians. Besides, many have started such training centres only on commercial basis. From whom the trainees could not receive the necessary training.

Demand of Fashion designer in Bangladesh

The garment industry is now in great demand. High-income and up-to-date occupations like buying or garment merchandising, textile engineering, fashion designing etc. In order to meet the demand of these professional classes, many skilled workers are brought from outside the country besides the country. Similarly, the trainees of this country are also going abroad and working in the garment industry. However, this requires quality training. If you listen to reading related topics, not only jobs, you can build all these institutions yourself.

Fashion design Training:

There are several types of training and degrees in fashion technology for high-income jobs in the garment industry. There are various diploma courses lasting six months or one year. On the other hand, for higher degrees there are degrees in Fashion Design and Technology, Apparel Manufacturing and Technology, Knit Manufacturing and Technology under the National University and MBA Apparel Manufacturing and etc.

After passing SSC, HSC, students of any age can take Honors in Fashion or Garments Technology and MBA degree after graduation. There are many job opportunities in fashion design for students in Bangladesh.

Fashion course teaches:

Textile Fiber & Yarn Knitwear & Oven Fabrics, Sweater Designing, Production Planning & Control, Buyer Correspondence, Total Quality Management, Trims & Accessories, Consumption & Garment Costing, Manufacturing, Compliance, Commercial Procedure, Apparel Project Development, Internet Marketing n Business, Economics of Apparel Merchandising Planning and Buying , Internet Marketing and Business, Economics of Apparel Merchandising Planning and Buying, Fashion Forecasting, Apparel Global Economy, Fashion Accessories, Fashion Cad, Fashion Show Productions, Tools and Techniques of Merchandiser, and so on like Textile Details.


Although the cost of these degrees is a little higher than other degrees, this degree can be achieved in a very short time. There are part-time job opportunities before the end of education. Many students can get these scholarships and complete all these courses at nominal cost. Students of all departments including Science, Humanities, Business Administration will be able to read about these subjects.

Usually, it will cost up to BDT. 2000-2500 per credit. The National University of Fashion Designing can accommodate 160,000 to 250,000 students. If you want to study in a private university, there are 400,000 to 600,000 students. It can be seen that you have to travel to many places for a job by reading and writing on different subjects.

You waste a lot of time for that. From that point of view, you can study fashion design without session clutter in much less time than other degrees. If you can read all these things, you can earn a lot while studying by getting a degree. Then you can run your own reading and writing expenses while studying.

Where will you study?

If you want to read and write about fashion design in Bangladesh, there are many opportunities now. Many universities in Bangladesh now have the opportunity to take courses in fashion design. You can study at Bangladesh University of Textiles BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology. You can also do fashion design courses at Santa Mariam University of Creative Technology, Uttara University etc.

A handful of non-governmental organizations have the opportunity to study all these topics. This includes the National Institute of Fashion Technology. NIFT has all the facilities including modern campus, efficient faculty, advanced board of directors. The success of the students in getting jobs is also high. BSc Honors in Apparel Manufacturing BSc Honors in Fashion Design and Technology under National University. MBA in Apparel Merchandising Degrees can be obtained here. Besides, there is a 4-year Garment Design Course under the Technical Education Board.

Job Salary:

You can get a salary of 15 to 20 thousand BDT in the initial stage by working in government, private or domestic and foreign textile mills, buying offices, boutique houses, fashion houses, garments and textiles industry. However, on the basis of work skills and experience, the salary may increase. In many cases, the salary may increase by 80-95 thousand rupees in 2-3 years, along with other benefits.

Scope for A Fashion Designer:

There is a huge job market in Bangladesh for students in textile, garments, fashion designing. There is a huge field of employment in both public and private sectors. In addition to job opportunities in various textile industries of the Government of Bangladesh, they have to work directly in the domestic and foreign textile mills, various buying offices, boutique houses, fashion houses, garments industry and manufacturing activities in the private sector.

Basically, students are considered as the lifeblood of any small and big textile or garment industry. At the same time, there are job opportunities in various banks and industrial lending companies in the field of industrial loan disbursement.

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