Exploring Endoscopic Ear Stapes Surgery in Dubai

endoscopic ear surgery


correct hearing loss caused by stapes fixation, a condition that impairs the movement of the tiny bone in the middle ear. This procedure involves using a thin, flexible endoscope to access and operate on the ear canal and the stapes bone. In Dubai, there are several healthcare centers that offer this advanced surgical technique to treat hearing disorders.

What is Endoscopic Ear Stapes Surgery? 

Endoscopic ear stapes surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery that allows the surgeon to access the middle ear through the ear canal, without the need for incisions. The surgeon inserts a small endoscope through the ear canal to visualize the middle ear structures and perform the surgery. This approach provides a more direct and accurate view of the surgical site and reduces the risk of complications and scarring.

Benefits of Endoscopic Ear Surgery in Dubai

There are several benefits associated with endoscopic ear surgery in Dubai, including:

  • Minimally invasive: This procedure is less invasive than traditional ear surgeries, which require larger incisions and longer recovery time.
  • Improved visibility: The endoscope provides a clearer view of the surgical site, allowing the surgeon to perform the surgery more precisely and accurately.
  • Reduced risk of complications: Endoscopic surgery minimizes the risk of complications such as infections, bleeding, and scarring.
  • Faster recovery: Patients who undergo endoscopic ear surgery in Dubai typically experience a faster recovery time and return to their normal activities sooner than those who undergo traditional ear surgery.

Who is a candidate for Endoscopic Ear Stapes Surgery? 

Endoscopic ear surgery is typically recommended for patients who have hearing loss caused by stapes fixation, which is the most common cause of conductive hearing loss in adults. Stapes fixation occurs when the stapes bone, which is responsible for transmitting sound from the middle ear to the inner ear, becomes immobile due to a buildup of calcium or other factors. This can result in a reduced ability to hear high-frequency sounds and can lead to other symptoms such as tinnitus, dizziness, and balance problems.

Patients who are good candidates for endoscopic ear stapes surgery include those who have:

  • Confirmed diagnosis of stapes fixation
  • Conductive hearing loss
  • Good overall health and no contraindications to surgery
  • Realistic expectations and understanding of the risks and benefits of the procedure

What to expect during and after Endoscopic Ear Stapes Surgery?

 Endoscopic ear surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia, and the surgery typically lasts between 1-2 hours. During the procedure, the surgeon will use the endoscope to visualize the middle ear and carefully remove the immobilized stapes bone. Once the stapes bone is removed, the surgeon will replace it with a prosthesis to restore the normal movement of sound waves through the middle ear.

After the procedure, patients will typically stay in the hospital for a few hours for observation before being discharged. The patient will be given pain medications and antibiotics to prevent infection. The surgeon will provide specific postoperative instructions, such as keeping the ear dry and avoiding strenuous activities for several weeks. Patients will usually have a follow-up appointment with the surgeon to monitor the healing process and assess their hearing improvement.


Endoscopic ear surgery in Dubai is a minimally invasive surgical technique that offers several benefits for patients with hearing loss caused by stapes fixation. In Dubai, there are several healthcare centers that offer this advanced surgical procedure, with highly experienced ENT surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities. If you are experiencing hearing loss, it is recommended to consult with an ENT specialist to determine if endoscopic ear stapes surgery is the right treatment option for you.

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