Ethernet Cables And How They Work

types of Ethernet cables

Ethernet cables are extensively used for various purposes. They are basically a type of network cable that is designed to work with Ethernet ports. These ports are present in computers, routers, TVs, gaming consoles, and other internet and network facilitated devices.  

These Ethernet cables provide faster internet by eliminating all the signal transferring and also do not get hindered by obstacles.  

With an Ethernet cable, data travels across a set path in a consistent line. It is more efficient than Wi-Fi because, unlike WiFi, which sends out signals in all directions, cables enable information to travel quicker in one direction. 

There are generally two types of Ethernet cables based on how they transmit data.

  • The Single-mode fiber (SMF): This cable type is developed to send information over long distances. It uses one ray of light to transmit information. 
  • The multi-mode fiber (MMF): This type of connection is much cheaper than SMF, and it uses several rays at a time to deliver data. 

Gaming Ethernet cables have become widely popular in recent years, and the gaming craze is at its peak. The gaming madness nowadays is unlike what has ever been seen before. Demand for gaming equipment has been on rising and so is the demand for Ethernet cables for flawless gaming. Gaming has been popular worldwide and is a source of entertainment and making a profit for many people across the globe. 

Ethernet cables are available in different shapes, lengths, and types. Cat5e, Cat6, Car6A, and Cat8 are Ethernet cable categories worth considering. Ethernet cables also make your gaming experience smooth and efficient, with no buffering or hindrances. Cat5e and Cat6 are considered great for gaming over Ethernet connections. However, Cat6 offers better handling interference than Cat5e cables. They are also protected against crosstalk with its spline model and have better external noise control than Cat5e cables. Cat7 cables are much like Cat6a cables and do not have the header connections commonly found in most gaming PCs and consoles. Cat8 cables are designed for proficient systems and information centers.   

When choosing the best Ethernet cable for gaming, there are some specifics that you need to keep in mind. Following are specifics that you need to look for to have the ultimate gaming experience using Ethernet connections.??

  • Category: Popular cable categories for gaming are Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, and Cat8. Cat8 being the latest, offers the most durable and high-speed internet. Cat7 is also quite fast and also is economical as compared to Cat8 cable. Cat5e and Cat6 are also suitable and are cheaper alternatives for reliable gaming.
  • Speed: Cat5e cables are can handle speeds up to 1000mbps which is quite okay for most games. The latest Cat8 can handle speed up to 40Gbps, whereas Cat7 handles a 10Gbps internet connection. You have to choose a cable according to your internet connection. 
  • Length: If your router is not placed near your gaming PC, then you will need a long-sized cable of approx. 50ft-100ft in length, whatever suits your needs the best. 

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