Believing These 6 Myths About Animation Courses Keeps You From Growing

BSC in Animation and Multimedia
BSC in Animation and Multimedia

Do you want to enroll into any of the�animation courses? Are you thinking about which of the�animation courses in Kolkata�would be suitable for you?

Don�t believe in myths and go for the one that best fits you. If you want a career in the field of animation, a BSC in Animation and Multimedia is the best way to start with.

Here are 6 myths about animation that you shouldn�t believe in.

Animation Is For Kids Only

The biggest myth about the animation market is that only kids watch their favorite cartoons. But that�s not true. Right from Japanese Animation (anime) to the American animation market, full length animated feature films are made keeping in mind the viewers from all ages. Right from Frozen to Jungle Book � The movies are not only watched by kids but also adults and they cherish these movies equally.

Animation Requires Excellent Drawing Skills

Another myth about animation is that one needs to be a master artist if you want to be in animation. Drawing skills are required in animation but you need not be a master in it. Basic or general drawing skills are enough for you to excel in the field. If you decide to get a degree of BSC in Animation and Multimedia, you can check with the curriculum or the college faculty and confirm the same with them. Basic sketching skills are actually enough for an animator.

Traditional Animation Not Needed Anymore

With the advent of 3D technology, some people are of the view that 2D animation is history now. But that�s far away from the truth. Shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender on Nickelodeon and Chowder on Cartoon Network are perfect examples of how still 2D animation can be hits!

And given a chance, people still love to watch shows like The Simpsons or Bob�s Burgers. So, traditional animation isn�t as dead as it is being perceived as.

Animation Artists Don�t Grow In Career

At the very start of your career you might only get to do simple editing or repetitive tasks. Don�t be disheartened because of that. A career in animation is about experience. As you learn and work more, over the years you tend to move up the ladder. The career profiles are excellent in the field with newer technologies cropping up very often.

Animation Doesn�t Work in India

This one is a complete myth. People think that Indians do not prefer to watch animation and there�s no domestic market for the same. This is not true. In fact the very recent animation projects like Motu Patlu, Mighty Little Bheem etc, the demand for animation is skyrocketing. Moreover, animation shows on web platforms are doing very well and are watched by numerous people. It will be surprising for many to know that since a number of years now, Indian artists have been creating fabulous animation projects for Hollywood. In other words, western industries are outsourcing animation projects from India and that is creating a lot of great job opportunities in the country.

People like Live Action over Animation

Live action has great demand. That�s undeniable. However, animation has its own charisma and is loved by both children and adults. Both should not be compared and should not be weighed in the same scale.

Hence, if you are someone who has aspirations to build a career in the animation field, then do not hesitate. Go for any of the animation courses that would give you exposure in the new technology and industry. Select any of the best animation courses in Kolkata.


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