8 Elements That Every Modern Home Needs Today

    Modern Home

    Times have changed and so has the way people used to plan their homes. While subtly was the key to decorating homes in the past, modern times have become more about functionality. People have now begun to add certain elements from all spheres of life into their home decor, a lifestyle choice that has now been termed as ?modern living?.

    So what is modern living all about? Is it about adding futuristic features or all about the use of modern materials? Turns out, it is a perfect mixture of both, and so much more beyond that. If you are someone who is building or remodeling their homes and looking for ways they can make their space look more modern, here is a quick guide you can follow to achieve the elegance that homes today display.

    Here Is How To Make Your Home Look Modern:

    Statement Furniture

    The first thing that any guest or visitors will notice in your home right after stepping in is your furniture. A modern home needs statement furniture that adds to the overall value of the house by bringing a modern message to deliver to the beholders. A pair of vintage sofas or a chaise longue in the middle of the room would definitely do the trick, but think like that in almost all parts of the house.

    Modern or Contemporary Art

    Displaying art on the walls or on pedestals has always been in fashion and will continue to hold the same appeal in the years to come. From the oldest forts to the most modern sleek looking offices, everyone displays art in their spaces to create a nice accent to the overall decor. Try to include colourful paintings to break the monotony of a simple wall, or add a simple piece of decoration on top of a pedestal to finish the look. You can even add a centerpiece on your coffee table to add a touch of art to your room.

    Smart TV

    With things getting modern everywhere, TVs have begun to get smart, with so many new functionalities that can change the way entertainment is viewed. Including the best smart tv in India can easily add to the overall value of your home. With everything streaming straight to your TV through wireless network, you won?t need a separate box with your TV, completing the seamless look you are looking for. Plus, you get all the added convenience in your entertainment.

    Graphic Marble

    The floor is where the deals are really made or broken as it forms a major part of your space. A dark floor in an otherwise lit up room can look odd, while a shiny floor can also look out of place in a space where the features are very soft. This is why graphic marble flooring is coming up as a safe bet for homeowners as it strikes the right balance between sharp and soft.

    Diffused Lighting

    While there is an endless number of options for lighting in homes, diffused lighting is proving to be the favourite choice for most people. With light spreading in all directions from these lights, their soft glow is simply perfect for people who are looking to avoid too many dark shadows on their walls. Plus, diffused lights actually make the space look richer.

    Open Floor Plan

    What most modern homes seem to get right is that people often love open spaces, a featurette that they seek from the floor plan on most occasions. A living room that opens up into the dining area, which is further connected to the island over a small kitchen island creates a seamless experience for everyone, while still dedicating enough space to all 3 of these areas. Think about how amazing Monica?s apartment looked like in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. That is the kind of seamlessness modern homes aim for.

    Neutral Colour Scheme

    Neutral colours are the theme for the modern era as they create an unmatched experience of lightness and airiness in your space. Alongside this, neutral colours add to the overall level of cleanliness, something that you can achieve with neutral colours and big windows. Thrown in small splashes of bold colours to break the monotony.

    Modern Bathroom & Kitchen

    These 2 areas specifically need your focus when it comes to completing the look of modernity in your home. Using the right tiles, making sure that the fittings are as per modern sensibilities, and separating the sections properly without creating large walls are a few great ways to start.

    Being modern is not all about talking the new talk or using the latest technology, but rather about opening your minds to what is new in the world currently. Making your home modern follows the same principles. When you open your mind about what is trendy right now, you can get so much more appeal out of the simplest additions that you can make to your home.

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