How Call Center Solution development services for E-commerce Industries help to deliver better customer service

As per Statista, e-commerce will reach 4.88 trillion US dollars in sales by the end of 2021. Adding to it, more than 65% of the millennials are using e-commerce sites for shopping. As an evolving industry, brands search for an instant communication method to keep consistency and offer value to consumers across various platforms. The contact center solution is an integral part of the customer support facility and can help E-commerce industries provide better services.

Significant challenges faced by E-commerce industries

Here are the challenges faced by e-commerce industries.

High ticket handling time

It is a very challenging thing for customer care support to track customers’ history and manage tickets across all the platforms when customers’ volume comes in with complaints. Customers hate to be told to wait on hold when agents are searching the data.

Low productivity of agents

Agents spend most of the time for ordinary queries and get tired, offering repetitive responses. It reduces their productivity and affects their effectiveness.

Losing the actual context of the communication

Customers ask help from companies on chat, mobile, and social media platforms. In that case, agents end up asking the same type of questions several times. As a result, customers get frustrated.

Many brands require hassle-free customer experience and overcome these complications with efficient software. The only conceivable way to do it is to implement a call center solution.

It allows e-commerce industries to analyze customer behavior and ensure that it solves the customer’s questions at once. An effective call center solution will remove all the difficulties and make the life of the agent smooth.

Benefits of call center solution for E-commerce industries

Instant customer support

With a contact center solution, brands can quickly notify customers about the delivery status, thus preventing escalation. Nowadays, most people do all their work on their mobile phones. It helps brands to send notifications via SMS and email in-app function. It also allows agents to resolve customer’s queries without hassle.

Maintaining the actual context of the interaction

Suppose a customer raises a refund ticket because he/she is not happy with the product. In that case, the call center solution makes agents understand that the customer is unsatisfied with the service.

It would be a flawed idea to ask the same question to the customers. So, a beneficial solution could be to integrate CRM with the call center solution. It helps agents to have a view on previous interactions.

It manages queries of customers with ease on a single screen

Agents spend high-time in toggling off between the tabs. While talking to customers, agents notice the urgency of ticket resolution. They can avoid SLA breaches because all tickets are assembled on one screen.

Agents don’t need to switch between various tabs. The customer support center can merge tickets with the same type of context and split tickets that must be addressed separately to keep consistency.

Connect on Social Media

It would be a big mistake to ignore even a single channel of interaction for the e-commerce industry. Brands should build a personal relationship with customers. They should deliver the best possible service to their customers with an instant response, and it will drive loyalty. While interacting personally, you can notify customers about the ticket status with a smart call center solution.

Let the fingers do all the work.

If a visitor visits the product page, customer support should trigger a chat to navigate him in the correct direction. Chat support is one of the best services, and it can do the things that a call or email can’t.

Other benefits of contact center solution

●       Simple to operate

●       Scalable, modular, and reliable

●       Customized and effective interaction that offers a wholesome experience to the customer

●       Helps in future sales

●       Promotes customer retention

●       Wide range of characteristics and lots of features

●       Enhances productivity

●       Improves the effectiveness of the agent

●       Improves UX across every platforms and touchpoint

●       Decreased operating cost and improved effectiveness


The e-commerce industry runs strategically, and if you do not create value for your audience, then someone else will do it. The perfect contact center solution can benefit your organization more than you think.

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