7 Handicraft Items That Will Add Elegance And Class To Your Home Decor Theme

What you do when you are thinking about decorating your home? You visit the market, step inside a decorative item shop, or your browse through online stores, pick multiple items and order these. The next step is putting these decor items around your home and get the embellishment done.

While you may think that you have done everything fine, but the bottom line is you have picked items that are available in mass, and are common across home. You would also have paid a hefty amount for these items. And in return you have a home decor finish that might be good, but not something unique and reflective of your personality, and that too at a high cost.

Why go the normal route and spend a lot, when you can give it a bit of twist. You can go the custom route, which will not only give your home?s interior space a unique and amazing feel and look, but this will also be cheap on your pocket. All you have to do to achieve these is putting in a bit of efforts, and browse through Indian handicrafts, and pick different, variety and exceptional items that will give your space one-of-its-kind decor finish.

What Handicraft Items You Can Buy for Your Home Decor?

Indian handicraft industry is a big one, and there are numerous product categories and items that you can pick from (there is something that everyone will find ideal for them). So, here we have curated a category and product listing that will help you picking the best one, right from amazing, aesthetic and functional tea coasters, to handmade carpet, and much more.

1. Clay Handicraft Items

Pottery is something that is not new, and is deeply engraved in our culture and heritage. Right from blue pottery to terracotta, grey, black and red pottery, and more, there are several options from which you can pick the right one. One of the most ancient forms of Indian handicrafts, clay items are finely created by skilled artisans, mainly in Rajasthan, UP and Northeast states.

2. Paper Handicrafts

If you have seen or used a papier mache, or lamp shades, hand-fans, kites, wall decorative pieces, decorative flowers and more such handmade items made using paper, then you would have been pretty amazed and pleased at how a simple item have been utilized by Indian artisans to create elegant and classy decor products.

3. Jute Handicrafts

A multi-use natural fibre that was, in earlier times, was limited to India and some Asian countries, now has been utilized all across the world in different art and craft forms. Right from carpet, to wall hanging decor, jewellery, bags, and much more, you can find an enormous amount of jute products pertaining to decor as well as functional use.

4. Brass Handicrafts

In the earlier times, brass was utilized across Indian homes in villages and else for utilities, decor and more usage function. Now, this sturdy and durable material is well utilized for creating multiple range of products that include festive gift items, wall art, vases, ornament boxes, figurines table tops and more.

5. Wooden Handicrafts

Wooden artisan heritage dates back prior to stone sculpture in India; therefore you can guess how much in-depth and culturally rich our handicraft history has been pertaining to this naturally occurring item. Right from the well-known wooden artistry work of Kashmir to Uttar Pradesh, and down south in Kerala, Karnataka and more regions, wooden handicraft items are available in multitudes of designer finishes. You can pick beautifully crafted coaster set, candle stands, jewellery boxes, lamp shades, utensils, toys, and many more items ardently handmade using different kinds of woods.

6. Mirror Handicrafts

While the basic function of a mirror is to use this to see oneself for make-up and grooming, mirror work has from ages been an extensively great piece to add in handicrafts in Indian culture. This includes attaching small pieces of mirror to multiple types of items like curtains, bags, bed sheets, lamp covers, cushion covers, wall art, pen stands, and much more. In fact in various places in India, using mirror work items is considered to stave off bad luck or negative energies.

7. Shell Handicraft

Shell is a great piece of item, which when used artfully can add extensive elegance and glamour to any product finish. Usually there are three types of shells that are used for handicraft items like sea shell, tortoise shell and conch shell. And the finished products include different items like table mats, bowls (used as usage and art items), buttons, spoons, lockets, curtains and many more.In handicraft range you can also find other product categories like dhokra artefacts, kalamkari handicrafts, phulkari handicrafts and more. When shopping for handicraft items like coaster online, or jute items or anything else, makes sure to take your time, research and assess well to pick a genuine and quality product.

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