Desi Ghee- Make It Nutritious And Enjoy The Benefits Without Disturbing Taste

What if you get your daily dose of nutrition and that too without disturbing your taste, instead adding more to your taste? Ya, you heard it right desi ghee is one such item that will add more to your taste along with nutrition. 

Do you have a soft corner for ghee? Do you like it with dal, chapatti, or rice? If so, that?s fantastic? Although ghee is beneficial to your health, the ideal type of ghee is handmade and minimally processed. Pure desi ghee is the best ghee available in the market, and everyone should have some on hand in their kitchen.

Ghee is advantageous to the body rather than harmful. Our ancestors were correct in using ghee to cook food and add it to our bowls of dal and rice. It has been compared to gold in the Holy Bible. Our forefathers understood the true significance of ghee because of its several benefits. 

Let us start with some of the special benefits of Ghee, when added to our food: 

Ghee relieves constipation?

A happy start of the day is always associated with the good and smooth passage of the day. Most of us usually start our day with a good and easy time in restroom, and if all goes well there the rest of the day is potentially well. Here comes the first benefit of ghee in use, if you are experiencing constipation, eat one tablespoon of ghee before going to bed. It can help with digestion by mending the intestines that improves constipation. 

Weight loss?

Ironically, ghee is associated with increased weight and leading to poor digestion. However; it is not true ghee boosts the body?s metabolism, making it an excellent weight-loss tool. Ghee consumption encourages the body to burn other fats, resulting in weight loss. 

Role of ghee in Ayurveda?

Since Ayurveda is an evergreen and holistic discipline, the entire cycle of obtaining desi ghee is crucial. Unadulterated ghee can be obtained in a few different methods. For new beginners, cows should not be restricted only to gaushalas. During the day, they should be allowed to graze freely, preferably on grass. Roughage must be a part of their daily diet. Overall, the nature of the milk is influenced by the proper eating habits. 

For cold, cough and clogged nose?

The duo of a cold and a congested nose is not pleasant. We feel trouble in breathing; our sense of taste is impaired; and, of course, there?s the headache and tiredness that follows. Ayurveda has a unique nasal drop cure that may assist to relieve a stuffy nose. The treatment for cold by Ayurveda is stated by pouring a few drops of heated pure cow ghee into the nostrils as first thing in the morning. As the ghee penetrates all the way down to the throat and calms the virus, this may bring immediate relief. Make sure the ghee is pure and has been warmed to a mild temperature.?

Awesome for skin?

Since the dawn of time, ghee has been an integral ingredient of different beauty products. It?s essential fatty acids function as a nourishing agent that can revitalize your tired skin. Pure desi ghee is derived from cow?s milk and is known to be particularly effective in promoting soft, supple skin. Ghee is believed to be suitable for all skin types, and it also contains essential fatty acids that aid in skin cell hydration. 

Bottom Line 

Ghee is a clarified butter that is commonly used in Indian cooking. This high-smoke-point fat with a nutty flavour has been utilised for thousands of years and has significant roots in Ayurvedic treatments. Making desi ghee at home is straightforward, quick, and inexpensive, and the flavour is far superior to commercially available types. 

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