The effect of music on your work

    effect of music on work

    It?s Sunday, May 24, Music Day. Most people listen to music in their personal time for a better mood or relaxation, but how does music affect your work?

    Background music is often heard in office spaces. Some colleagues like music all day while working and like music, while others find it very confusing. Read on our blog to see if music affects your work!

    What is the music policy in your workplace?

    The company you work for may have a music policy. In some organizations it is perfectly normal to listen to and encourage music every day depending on the culture of the organization.

    Furthermore, in the case of any other organization it may be that listening to music is not allowed at all, headphones can also be labeled as not social. Maybe after reading this blog you can discuss the music policy with your manager and maybe change it.

    What is the effect of music on your work?

    Music can have a different effect on your work. Below we will discuss the different effects.

    Affect your mood

    If you have a bad day, get angry or feel jealous, music is what you need. Music causes stress by lowering hormones and promoting hormones that make you happy. Choose the number that works for you!

    The substance dopamine is released upon hearing music. You make this fabric with good food or love. Music can affect not only your mood, but also your colleagues. Discuss with your colleagues what music makes them happy to promote the workplace environment. So go from a gray day to a colorful day with your colleagues, and do it through music!

    Just look at yourself, if you listen to a good song you will soon make it as well. Music also activates different parts of your brain such as the visual cortex and motor cortex. These are the areas of your brain that trigger sensitive responses.

    In addition, music can also be used to treat neurological or sensory disorders, also known as music therapy.

    Stimulates creativity

    Music is also said to enhance creativity. If you are working in the office, you can listen to music at the same time. Your brain may get excited as you beat and listen to the text. These sensations in your brain bring more creativity.

    Also, the song or rhythm can inspire you to continue a document that you have been fighting for some time. It depends on what kind of document you are working on, what kind of music helps. It is good to work on a literal document but it contains instrumental music and it is good to work on it with text music in a graphic document.

    It connects people

    Connecting with your coworkers can be more important than you think. Your coworkers basically determine if you enjoy working. Read here why relationships with your coworkers are important!

    Listening to music can be seen as a connecting factor with you and your colleagues. If you like the same music, you often already have an issue. This is also the case when you listen to music with your colleagues and especially when you sing about music. It often creates a feeling of joy or reminds you of some memories that you experienced together.

    It increases your performance

    Music is often heard when you are practicing to run faster or run longer. This is because music enters the brain in the field of emotion, which is close to the motor regions.

    When music enters this part of the brain, you move further. You get a kind of energy from music, it can also affect your performance while working.

    Listening to music not only releases dopamine into your brain, it also contains serotonin. The substance serotonin not only makes you happy, it makes you faster. This allows you to continue working with more focus.

    Listening to music allows you to increase efficiency in the workplace because you get that one push that allows you to continue your work, which sometimes doesn?t want to go perfectly smoothly.

    Music also stimulates the sense of your language. Music is a good tool for language development. If you need to write a document in a foreign language, listening to music in that language is an idea.

    Music reduces stress

    Listening to music makes you calm and happy, it only happens when you listen to the music you like. It?s definitely different for everyone in the workplace.

    If you?re busy with something that needs concentration or needs to be quiet, pair headphones with your favorite music. Or agree with your colleagues that the music should be somewhat softer or set up a playlist with happy music.

    The substance serotonin, which not only makes you faster when you listen to music, it also gives you more confidence and a positive spiral. It is beneficial in reducing stress. So listen to your favorite music to reduce stress, read more tips to reduce stress here!

    Different styles

    Of course there are many musical styles and not every type of music is enjoyable for everyone. So, agree with your co-workers on what music is going to be heard and make a deal about it. For example, set up a simple radio station or playlist. In addition to these you may like to listen to a certain style for a certain period of time.

    Different styles can have different effects. For example, it’s important that the music you’re performing matches you. If you?re writing a blog, creating a report, or reading a complex piece, listening to text music is often confusing. Instrumental music can help very well.

    Instrumental music can also reduce ambient sounds and make you better focused. On the other hand, lyrical or cheerful music often helps to achieve more creativity.

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