Do Not Start Cleaning Your Car Upholstery Without Reading This First

An average human being spends over four years of his life inside a car! We spend so much of our time inside the car it makes sense to take care of it. 

The cars we drive says a lot about us, so it is important to take care of them as frequently as possible. Moreover, if you have a cluttered car, it can cause you stress and lead to confusion. 

If your AC vents have dust and debris on them, they can cause your allergies to flare up. Therefore due to such reasons having a clean car for not just the health aspect but personal well being is extremely important.


Reason Your Car Gets Dirty 

The first step in having clean vehicle upholstery is understanding what causes it to become dirty. So let’s find out how exactly does your car gets filthy. 

The inside upholstery of any automobile makes it incredibly attractive to look inside. However, the fabric might become prey to those coffee stains or beverages we enjoy sipping on our way to work overtime.

If you have children, you’ll be surprised at how easily their senseless doodles may damage your vehicle upholstery. 

Moreover, eating fast food, such as burgers or pizzas, or simply a bag of chips, is a guaranteed way to clutter your automobile. The oil and crumb might be so little that you don’t see them at first, but they can accumulate to create an unsightly mess over time.

As a result, not only do you need the discipline to clean your upholstery, but you also need to be on the alert for any spills or stains in your car and rectify it as soon as you can to give you a spotless view. 

So, to avoid making these minor errors, have a tiny trash can in your car; there are many bins available online. Then, the next time you stop, you may empty it in a gas station or any trashcan.

How To Clean? 

Now that you know the reason behind how your car gets dirty let’s find out how you can clean the mess in your vehicle. We will site you a step y step technique that will help you in the process.

Vacuuming The Interiors 

Easy and an age-old method to keep your car clean is vacuuming it. Make sure you remove the bottles or chips packets and any plastic residue before you start vacuuming. 

To have a thorough clean, take it to your nearest carwash to get your car services professionally. 

Clean The Mats 

Mats can be very dirty as most of the dirt and debris get trapped between them. So the only way to clean is to remove the mats completely, wash them thoroughly, and dey them properly before installing them again in the car.

Make sure the mats are dry because the dry, humid environment inside the car coupled with a wet mat can be a major cause of mildew and mold to form in your vehicle, 

Clean The Seats 

Cleaning seats can be tricky as it depends on the fabric used – it can be leather or fabric. For fabric upholstery, opt for any carpet steamer to clean the seats. However, with leather upholstery, you need certain oils during cleaning to prevent the leather from cracking or developing a faded look. 

Cleaning Hard Surfaces

The steering wheel, the console, and even the roofing- everything should be cleaned. You can simply use a spray cleaner on a dry cloth and wipe off the places which are accessible. 

While others like the ac vents, you can use a moist toothbrush to clean. 

Bottom Line

These were some ways you can clean and maintain your car; however, if your vehicle already has damages on its roof lining or needs a headliner repair, its best to drop it at the workshop, or you even have mobile car upholstery repair services where you can sit in the comfort of your home. The provider comes and does the repairs for you.