How To Distinguish High-Quality Massage Chairs?

When talking about investments for relaxation, one of the top picks would definitely be getting a high-quality massage chair. Unfortunately, picking out a quality one is a rather difficult task as there aren?t any set parameters on what makes a massage chair high quality and suited for you, and most people won?t know if a specific function is an indicator of just how much better it is than other models. That?s why we are going to talk about some of the things that make a massage chair high-quality! So, let?s get straight into it.

What Functions Does it Have?

One of the easiest indicators of whether a massage chair is low-quality or high-quality is the functions it has. Some functions to look out for are:

? Zero Gravity ?

One thing that gives it away whether it?s a high-quality massage chair is if it has a reclining feature. A zero gravity option is used to simulate the feeling of being in space. It makes you weightless by placing your body in a gravity-neutral position to give you the feeling of being in outer space. This option lowers your heart rate, puts the mind and body at ease, and improves body circulation. So definitely seek out a model that has a reclining/zero gravity feature.

? Remote Control ?

Entire control with a single press of a button. This option serves many purposes, it allows you to do whatever you want while moving as little as possible to fully embrace the serene moment.

? Bluetooth ?

For those who want to be more active during their massage session, a Bluetooth option is optimal if you want to listen to podcasts, music, or anything else that interests you. All you need to do is pair your device and voila.

? Sound Therapy ?

Sound therapy is just what it sounds like. It uses sounds that are proven to put the mind at ease in order to enhance the massage experience. While not vital to a machines? worth, it does definitely help to make a more fulfilling massage experience.

Massage Styles ?the worlds

Modern massage chairs try to imitate massage styles that are practiced by actual masseurs. Some notable styles include:

? Reflexology ?

Reflexology focuses on the feet. It focuses on certain key points on the feet in order to relieve muscle tensions in the whole body.

? Junetsu Massage ?

Junetsu means ?ultra-fine kneading? in Japanese. It consists of a single-second circular thumb motion in order to loosen muscle tension, by doing this the circular motion passes through the body to affect a much wider area.

? Swedish Massage ?

Swedish massages are perfect for people who don?t have massages often. They use longer strokes to release muscle tension and break the knots in your muscles. They lead to a notable improvement in circulation.?

? Shiatsu Massage ?

Shiatsu massages focus on key points in the body that affect the whole body, and by relieving the ?blocked energy channels? it breathes new life into your body.

Complexity of Usage

It ain?t really a relaxing experience if you have to go through stress just to make it work. Because of this, a lot of high-end massage chairs are easy-to-use, specifically to not cause you any distress and make the process as painless as possible. The chairs will differ from model to model, but newer generations of chairs mostly operate via touch screens (and some extravagant ones have voice commands). So, when you are looking for chair model details, make sure to test out the controls to test whether the usage is easy enough. If you have any questions you can ask the salesperson anything that you are curious about regarding the particular model. 

Premium Options

Some models will have some real extravagant options. Here are some to name a few:

? Oil Diffusers ?

Some chairs will have oil diffusers that will help your body relax

? LED Lighting ?

Chairs that have LED lighting are primarily meant to be used in the dark to create a serene atmosphere but also allow you to find the chair. If it has led lighting, you can be assured that it also has a Bluetooth function, as this function is commonly paired with a USB port that allows you to plug your phone into it to play some music to enhance the experience. These LED lights are also used for chromotherapy.

? Space Saving ?

One of the best indicators of a high-quality massage chair is whether it has space-saving technology. As the name might suggest, its main purpose is to minimize the amount of space it takes up, and if you?ve previously owned a massage chair, you will know that it takes up a lot of space, especially when reclining. Most chairs will require around an extra 66 cm of space when reclining, while a space-saving massage chair will require only around 10 cm! Do note that these models are on the expensive side of the spectrum.

The Price

Speaking of expensive products, let?s talk about the price. 

Usually, if you haven?t owned or seen massage chair prices before, you might be destimulated the moment you see the price ranges. Most models will cost anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000. While premium function massage chairs can go all the way up to $15,000. These are some big numbers so getting a high-end massage chair needs to be treated as an investment. And most of the people that buy these are not disappointed with the money they spent, because it offers a serene experience that is way cheaper than building a home spa for example. The price of the chair comes down to several factors like the number and quality of the functions the chair provides, the materials used, the integrated technology, customizability, etc. Remember how we said a massage chair is an investment? Well, if you are going to buy a chair that costs below $1,000 it won?t be worth the money, as those are usually really low quality. It might seem like you are the one striking a deal, but you are getting ripped off…

Bonus: The Longevity of the Warranty

If you are spending a large amount of cash on a massage chair, you better make sure that you have a warranty that lasts at least 3 years. Before making any purchase, check the longevity of the warranty and what it covers exactly. Knowing these specifics can save you a lot of pain if something goes terribly wrong down the road.

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