What Are The Facts About The Uttarayan Festival In India?


Makar Sankranti is the fesival which celebrating with a lot of joy and pomp all over the nation. There are many different names of uttarayan in different cities or states. Makar Sankranti is referred to as the Uttarayan mainly celebrating in Gujarat.

From flying kites and making sweets cherishing on lip-smacking khichdi on that day. kite festival in Gujarat is one of the most-awaited celebrations of state. While Gujaratis anticipate shouting Kai Po Che to kites flying overhead, Uttarayan festival is lot more than worshipping and cherishing on desserts. It features several intriguing realities.

Uttarayan Celebration And Religion

Uttarayan holds enormous astrological and standard significance. Uttarayan is celebrated on the day the sun changes from the Sagittarius to Capricorn. The sun god is venerated with sugary foods, dedication and also khichdi. In the Hindu legendary Mahabharata, it was noted that King Bhishma was given the benefit of choosing his very own time and day of fatality. He awaited Makar Sankranti to request fatality to come.

Uttarayan reveals the beginning of spring and the harvest period. Sweets, savouries and other food products are dispersed among relatives, near and also dear ones and neighbours to give them the message to fail to remember all old quarrels and begin the year on a note of hope, love and togetherness.

Kite flying is among the most important attractions of the kite festival 2022 in Gujarat. While currently it is viewed as a sport, it was not constantly viewed as the very same– it is thought that kite traveling was connected to health as the individual would certainly be subjected to the sun for a very long time.

Uttarayan With Family And Friends

Uttarayan welcomes harvest, success and hope. It is also the time of the year when individuals come together to celebrate with their loved ones.

Moms and dads that usually find their children hard to wake up for institution will certainly find them setting the alarm for 5 get on 14th Jan., to stand up as well as start flying kites in the ideal pre-dawn wind. The ambience is splendidly cheery, as entire families collect on the rooftop, unique foods like laddu, undhiyu or surti jamun are prepared for consuming over the course of the day, 

Neighbors check out each other for group kite-flying fun. Commonly individuals keep an eye out for which of their buddies has the optimal terrace for kite flying and also lots of will certainly congregate there. This brings about many social gatherings that would certainly not or else take place, as one person’s sibling’s buddies fulfill their classmate’s cousins,

Because they have actually all gathered on the roof of the same mutual friend. People usually find themselves marking time by uttarayan: “I satisfied you three uttarayan ago, right?” is a not uncommon phrase. At night, kite fighters flies various white kites to be seen in the darkness. Also People and kids will send up their tukkals with strings of brightly lit lights in a lengthy line leading back down to the rooftop. Whole day uttarayan gives enjoyable and attractive sights to keep in mind for a long period of time.

Kite From Old Age

Master of kite manufacturers and leaflets from all over the globe to demonstrate their one-of-a-kind productions and also wow the groups with extremely uncommon kites. 

In past years, master kite makers from Malaysia have brought their wau-balang kites, llayang-llayanghave originated from Indonesia, kite pioneers from the United States have shown up with giant banner kites. Wholeover uttarayan is the most favourite event for kids and adult that gives a lot of happiness to all.


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