An In-Depth Overview Of Innosilicon A6 ltcmaster

Innosilicon has been in the industry with approximately 12 years of IP/IC design and development experience. Recently, Innosilicon went into the production of crypto mining gadgets and has released special styles of miners. These miners work with multiple algorithms like a comfortable Hash set of rules, Scrypt, X11, Equihash. 

About Innosilicon A6 ltcmaster

  • The A6 LTC master is Innosilicon’s application included Circuit (ASIC) hardware that mines the cryptocurrency, Litecoin. It has a hash fee of 1.23Gh/s and consumes 1500W of energy. Litecoin has a marketplace cap of six billion, gaining reputation for its person-friendly set of rules and quicker transaction speeds. 
innosilicon asix itcmaster
  • Due to the recent call for Litecoin mining hardware, Innosilicon commenced designing and releasing utility unique incorporated Circuit (ASIC) Miners particularly for mining Litecoin. The Innosilicon a6 ltcmaster is part of the miners. 

Appearance and functions

  • The A6 LTC master comes with the double fan gadget maximum. Innosilicon miners have two enthusiasts on the front and rear for effective cooling. The A6 LTC grasp weighs approximately 7.5kg and has 350 x one hundred fifty five x 500mm.
  • The electricity supply has a transfer and two strength interfaces on the manage board. This association enables ease of control for users. The four-pin interface sends modern-day to the manage board, whilst the 6-pin interface powers 4 fanatics for cooling.


  • The A6 LTC master is appropriate for crypto mining primarily based on the Scrypt algorithm. The authentic parameters are a top hash price of 1.23Gh/s (+/- 8%) and power intake of 1500W(+/- 8%) at an running temperature of 25°C. Each twin part of the miner has four hash forums sharing one controller. From above, you may see the miner controllers, and each hash board comes with the standard  PCI-E 6pin energy interface and information cables.
  • The top controller is the records cable, a four pin electricity cable, and an energy delivery unit for the controller from proper to left. on the miner’s back, every hash board’s energy interface is at the top, and the two lovers for cooling at the bottom for cooling. The statistics cables have a buckle design that provides tight contact for constant data switching and prevents put on and tear. 

Cooling and Temperature

The cooling method is a critical feature of ASIC miners due to the devices’ high enter and performance. Miners have the potential of overheating at the same time as working. manufacturers like Innosilicon minimize overheating via equipping miners with adequate cooling methods. The A6 LTC master has 4 12cm 12C3.4A lovers,  at the front and  at the back. This fan arrangement, like the A9 ZMaster fan association, is quite efficient in lowering overheating.

Set of rules

The A6 LTCMaster works with many set rules. Litecoin is mined on the Scrypt set of rules. Scrypt is a hashing algorithm that is used on evidence of labor blockchains. it’s far from a memory-tough key-derivation characteristic. This form of system requires a big quantity of RAM for computation. meaning an ASIC chip used for computing Bitcoin’s SHA-256 evidence of labor (PoW) would need to hold a quantity of area for RAM instead of hashing power. 

The Bottom Line

The microbt m20 whatsminer from Coinminer comes with  built-in frequencies, default and overclocking frequency. The miner has an area for overclocking. For overclocking, the voltage is adjusted to the maximum at which strong mining operations can continue. The overclocking is dependent on the strength delivered and the miner’s characteristics. Despite the fact that vehicle-adjustment is quick set, the hash fee in overclocking mode can attain up to 1.29Gh/s, and the miner consumes about 1738W of strength.

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