Day Wise Planning Of Gochala Trek

If you have planned a holiday for adventure, the Gochala trek is the ideal destination for you. Amidst the beauty of flora and fauna nestled at an altitude of 16207 ft. will give you a closer look at Mt. Kanchenjunga. The beauty of the place can be explored only in the best way if you plan trekking in that place. That?s the most cheerful experience that you can cherish as a memory of the place lifelong.

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Day 1: you will meet our executive either at NJP station or Bagdogra airport. After which you will be taken to Yuksom.

Day 2: you start your trek today and start heading uphill from the gorges of the Rathong River. The trek will happen through thickets of magnolia, rhododendron, and ferns, proceed towards the Paha Khola Bridge. 

Day 3: your trek starts on this day through aromatic viburnum plantations uphill, and you will reach Bakhim within 2-3 hours. Also, you will have a tented stay throughout the trek, which is a different experience all in itself. 

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Day 4: After resting for the night in your tent, begin again for the trek covering Tshoka (9,650 ft) ? Dzongri (12,980 ft). Walk all the way to the places amidst the beautiful view of the mountains via Phedang. 

Day 5: that night, you will be relaxing at the campsite in Thansing, before which you would trek to Dzongri Top. from here, the view of the Kanchanjunga, Simvo, and Pandim peaks are mesmerising. This place is a halt because of the view and the experience that one gets.  

Day 6: you can take the day off because we will be almost at the endpoint of the trek. Enjoy the campsite view, chill with friends and rest. Especially in this route you will come across a lot of new faces because people from all around who find it adventurous to trek take this route.

Day 7: we will now campsite begin early as you will have all the energy that you must have gathered from a day?s rest, and we climb to Goechala, which is at an altitude of 15,100 ft. we head back to  Kokchurang, and on your way, you will get to see:

Samiti Lake

Zemathang Plateau.

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Day 8: if trekking downhill and on your way, you will pass Tshoka (9,650 ft) via Phedang (12,050 ft), which is a 6-7 hours trek. So we take a walk slowly.

Remember to take proper rest. Trekking is an adventurous but slow process so you do not have to rush. Especially during the end of it people often get over-excited and over-exhaust themselves. Avoid doing that.?

Day 9: you will be at Yuksom in some time as you walk down vis Bakhim and Sachen finally reaching to the last tail of the trek. 

Day 10: you wake up to a filling and delicious breakfast, after which you will be dropped back to your departure point, be it NJP/Bagdogra airport.

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