It?s Time You Begin Your Multi-service Business With The Delivery King App!

By presenting a Host of Delivery Services such as Delivery Genie, the Delivery King is rightly an App That Will Deliver Anything! This Multi-Use App allows you to Multiply your App Users and Sweep-In Billions of US Dollars from the Market as your Net Earnings. 


With this World-Renowned App, the App Users have the power to Parcel Anything, Anywhere in Few Simple Clicks! One gets Two Options to choose from the Parcel Delivery – 

  • Box Delivery ? For Large Parcels such as Furniture and Construction Materials
  • Moto Send Delivery – For Small Parcels such as Gifts, Clothes, and Documents

The App Users can select the Type of Vehicle as per their Choice for the Requested Parcel Delivery. They get an Option to choose from Moto Bike, Cycle and Scooter, Cargo Car, Cargo Truck, and Truck. The App Users can simply avail the Service of Parcel Delivery by following a Couple of Steps such as ?

  • Type-In the? Pick-Up Address, or Manually Drag and Pin the Location on the Map
  • Select the Type of Delivery Vehicle,?
  • Adding the Destination/ Receivers? Address
  • Parcel Details, and?
  • Choosing the Payment Method such as Cash or Credit Card.?
It?s Time You Begin Your Multi-service Business With The Delivery King App!


Allow your App Users with the Comfort of Seamlessly Ordering Groceries Online! With the Powerful Delivery King App, one can Order Fresh Organic Veggies and Seasonal Fruits from their Nearby Grocery Mart.?

With the ?Reviews and Ratings? by Previous Customers, the App Users can directly have a View of which Grocery Stores offer Great Service and Quality Vegetables. This Feature helps one to undertake Informed Decision while ordering Groceries Online.?

Also, the App Users can search the Food Stuffs by typing the Name of the Ingredient by using the ?Search Box.? This way, they can easily know that the Required Item is available in which all Stores. Also, the App User would be Re-Assigned the Delivery Expert in case, if the Delivery Driver has canceled the Delivery Request after accepting it because of Heavy Rain and Choked Streets.


Now, your App Users don?t have to drag themselves out of their Homes to buy Medicines. One gets a List of Pharmacies to select from. After choosing the Pharmacy, they can easily add the Required Medicines in the Cart and Proceed to the Checkout Page. Herein, the App Users have the Facility to Upload a Medical Prescription from their Smart Phone Gallery. This Step ensures that the App Users receive the Right Medicines with their Accurate Doses. 

Moreover, one even has the ?Edit/Change the Prescription? Option if they have Uploaded Incorrect Prescription. On top of this, the App Users can Opt for Take Away, and also choose Contactless Delivery by making Payment via Credit Card and In-App Wallet.?


Let more App Users be a Part of your Clan by offering them Covid-Safety Oriented Features! With this Super Delivery App, one gets the Privilege of viewing Safety Measures Followed by Different Restaurants. The ?Safety Badge for Stores? Feature helps the App Users rightly know that a Specific Food Outlet is Following World Health Organization (WHO) Covid-19 Safety Protocols!.?

This is the Best Technique to intimate your App Users how seriously you take Care of their Food Hygiene and Safety even during the Tough Times of Pandemic.? Furthermore, one would be able to view the Kitchen Images of the Food Joints that would reflect the Cleanliness and Hygiene Maintained at the Cooking Place.??


With this All In One Delivery App Solution up your Sleeves you have the Power to Kick-Start your Business on a Profitable Note! Do you want to earn Easy and Quick Money? Do you want to Feature on the Cover Page of Forbes Magazine for being the most Successful Entrepreneur of 2022? Get in touch with one of the Legit Licensed White-Labelling Firms of Global Repute and Lead from the Front Row of the Online On-Demand Services Industry!

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