Custom Lash Boxes for Promoting your New Product Range

Custom eyelash boxes

One of the astute ways to create hype about your upcoming product range is utilizing your packaging for marketing it. While this may seem tricky, you can effectively reach out to a wider target audience if you nail it effectively. A customer already using your product would be compelled to know about your new offer if it is better than the existing one. You can give a sneak peek of your new product using some space on your packaging to make it an awaiting one for the potential shoppers. For lash extension retailers, product packaging is a great opportunity to disclose their upcoming offers and products. Lash boxes get stored along with the products and a user is likely to have a look at the packaging over and over again while taking out and placing back the extensions. Here are a few tips for utilizing lash packaging for product promotion!

Giving a Teaser Text on Custom Lash Packaging    

Just like teaser ads, you can use teaser text on your product packaging to intrigue customers. Tell them in fewer words that you have something new and better to offer them and that too at an amazingly affordable price. This would grab the attention of many shoppers, especially the ones who use lash extensions on a permanent basis. Add crisp one-two liners on your custom lash boxes to announce your new product range hitting the shelves soon. This in combination with conventional marketing efforts like outdoor advertising and social media ads would assist you in successfully launching your new product collection. 

Displaying Brief Product Features on Custom Printed Lash Boxes    

This one is yet another way to engage prospective buyers in your upcoming products and offers. If you are bringing something unique and better to the market that no one else is currently selling, have brief features of your upcoming product printed on the packaging. This will keep the shoppers interested in your new lash extensions. If you have salons and individuals in your customer base, separate text campaigns should be used on your packaging to pique the interest of buyers. Don?t use unbelievable claims and promises, be factual with the product benefits and details so that the hype you are trying to create doesn?t disappoint the shoppers later. 

Incentivizing Shoppers through Lash Boxes Wholesale     

Incentivizing buyers through product packaging about your upcoming offers can sway them into checking out what?s new. You can have a contest or flash discount deal for your new product range to get attention from a wider target market. Have that highlighted on your custom lash packaging, so that it gets easier for the buyers to remember that and they feel inclined into visiting your store on the day of launch.?

Other ways to promote your upcoming product range through packaging include inserting a small flyer about the launch date or event if you have planned one. You can have a marketing campaign designed for product packaging that can be used to achieve the desired attention and outcome. 

Use creatively designed short and interactive promotional messages on your packaging to enlighten customers about your new product range. Make sure that this marketing effort doesn?t look like an advertising tactic, keep it natural and in a tone that gives a gesture that you are sharing information with the shoppers.

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