Tools to Help You Create High-quality Infographics to Drive More Shares

highquality infographics

Infographics are creatives that organize data and information visually so that everyone can understand the information quickly.

When trying to convey information in text, the amount of information tends to be too much and redundant. However, using infographics, you can intuitively organize critical points.

Here are eight useful tools to help you create high-quality infographics.

Creating simple yet compelling graphics requires no effort or cost. Please try these tools.

8 tools to help you create high-quality infographics


Visme is an online service that enables you create simple and intuitive infographics.

The steps to create it are very simple. First, choose one of the hundreds of templates that you like. Next, insert the data prepared in advance into the already created layout block. That’s it.

Massive types of graphs and charts are available. By connecting to live data, you can also create real-time fluctuating infographics. You can also create interactive creatives, such as videos and sounds.


DesignCap is an online tool that makes it easy for non-designers to create infographics.

The operation is basically dragging and clicking, and it is popular with beginners because it is very easy to use. DesignCap is not originally specialized in creating infographics, but there are many resources for infographics. 

The quality of the templates provided is also very high, and you can create crisp and fresh creatives. One of the reasons for its popularity is that you can use it immediately, even if you have no account. But to download or share required to register.


Piktochart is an online service that allows you to create cool infographics intuitively. In addition to infographics, you can also create presentations and print materials.

The creation steps are simple, just select one of the templates you want to use from thousand of professionally created templates and edit them like a PowerPoint. In addition to various types of charts, you can also use a convenient map to show regional differences.

The created creative can be exported to JPG/PNG/PDF format. Since you can also specify the resolution, it seems reasonable to use it for blog posts and so on.


Infogram is an infographic creation tool limited to the minimum necessary functions.

Since the functions are more straightforward than other online tools, they are suitable for those who want to work intuitively because they do not use many features. This is useful when you want to create reports and dashboards as well as infographics. 


Venngage is a versatile online infographic tool. The templates are abundant and easy to use and can be used to create flyers (flyers) as well as infographics. There is also a unique template for creating email graphics that can be inserted into Email.

In the gallery, you can browse infographics created by other users. All graphics are of high quality so that you can betray them. is an infographic creation tool that you can use immediately if you have a LinkedIn account. With limited functionality compared to other tools, you may not be able to create eye-catching and eye-catching creatives. However, it has a strong presence as a long-established tool that appeared in 2011 and is used by many people.

Easily is an infographic creation tool that has strength in pop illustrations. With over millions of infographics created to date, anyone can easily create high-quality creatives. It is a globally developed tool based in Seattle, including Serbia and Vietnam. Why don’t you add it to one of your choices?


Cacoo allows teams to edit infographics in real-time. Cacoo is a manufacturer of cloud-based infographics. And as with any cloud-based tool, its most significant advantage is collaborative work. The Cacoo interface allows teams to create, edit and deliver high-quality diagrams online in real-time. The application offers a diverse library of templates and forms to help you assemble beautiful visual images quickly and easily. With this tool, you need to create flowcharts, schematics, network diagrams, organization charts and more available through the user interface.

You can also share your infographic with team members and customers if they don’t have a Cacoo account. Also integrate Cacoo with other productivity tools such as Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud and Confluence.

Final Thought

Though infographics can be created using software such as PowerPoint or Illustrator, it requires a lot of time and effort, such as purchasing materials and creating designs from scratch. With the tools introduced in this post, anyone can easily create an infographic that captures eyeball. These tools would save you a lot of time so that to make your work more efficient.

Let’s try which one is more suitable for you and easier to use by actually using it. If there is something easy to use, please feel free to comment on your recommendations.

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