Benefits of Android Applications: Things to Consider

android applications

Android is an open-source operating system based on a modified version of Linux. Android first surfaced in 2008, and then Google acquired it. However, since then Open-handset alliance has also chipped in the ownership of Android. At the end of 2019, Android was dominating with a large margin of 85% of the market share. 

In recent times, you might have heard arguments regarding which application platform is better: Android or iOS. Even though the argument has no definite end, there are certain aspects to Android applications that give them the edge. What are these advantages that android offers?

Open Source Nature

One of the reasons android skyrocketed was its compatibility and open-source nature. Android community is widespread around the world, with hundreds of frameworks ready to go. The core architecture of Android employs JavaScript, which makes it adaptable to any kind of application programming.

That is one of the reasons why Android is the primary operating system in the world today. Endorsed by Open Handset Alliance, which comprises of 84 different companies, Android is the primary and cost-effective solution for many people around the world. Whether its consumers, or developers, Android?s open-source nature has been one of its selling point.

Greater ROI and Cost-Effectiveness

According to an app Development Company, the reason that makes android standout as the best option is its cost-effectiveness. Even the most complex of applications have frameworks available, through which companies can save both time and money. Android applications are easier to test; therefore, they require no additional costs.

However, the most alluring factor to business owners regarding Android apps is that it generates greater ROI compared to its competition. There is a good reason behind that, as Android dominates the world smart phone marketplace, occupying 87% of the marketplace.

Wide Exposure

According to a study, there are 3.8 Billion smart-phone users in the world. Considering how Android majorly dominates that aspect, it is safe to say that it provides very high chances of exposure. The sheer amount of Android users around the world are a force to behold. Within minutes, any application made live on Play store gets hundreds of thousands of downloads.

One of the reasons it attracts business owners, as it provides a much larger marketplace compared to its peers. Additionally, Android?s central application store Google Play also dominates the application market.

Offers Unmatched Ease

One of the selling factors of Android since its inception has been the ease that it offers. Whether it is getting approval for an application, or monetizing it, Android offers viable solutions. Whether you want to upload it on Play store or any distribution method that supports Android apps, it allows you to monetize your app in many ways.

Additionally, the customizability of android apps is matchless as well. The ever-growing and changing trends of the market are no problem to android apps, as developers can easily tweak them. In addition, companies can redesign and rebuild their app top-to-bottom without facing much hassle.

Hardware Compatibility

Perhaps the most important aspect of app development, Android supports all kinds of hardware. Regardless of the manufacturer of the smart-phone, android applications behave and operate on the same level of speed, and compatibility.


Android applications are everywhere, in all directions. Whether it is an app for travel, social media or game, Android offers unmatched amount of options. Additionally, the large user-base and the sea of marketplace, the perquisites offered by the operating system are too many too count. In conclusion, Android is the dominating operating system in the market today, and that is why android apps are high in demand.

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