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    Men are very different from women when it comes to couples’ relationships. So, to understand them, we must try to put ourselves in their shoes.

    So, together, we are going to observe a married life through the eyes of a man.

    Many women think that in order to keep a man, they need to be very sexually active. 

    Moreover, they do not think this because they have experienced it but because modern society has imposed this ridiculous idea.

    Besides, I’ll tell you right away: if sex is the foundation of your relationship, your romantic relationship is doomed to failure because it is not sincere.

    Indeed, even if sex is an essential and important component of the life of a couple, it cannot be the only element that unites two people.

    On the other hand, some women think that love goes through the stomach. In short, by giving him what he wants, you could get any favor from him.

    This is another ridiculous idea conveyed by society. But hey, everyone believes what they want.

    For my part, I’ll tell you one thing for sure: the best way to find out what a man’s needs are is to ask him.

    Well, by asking the question directly to the principal concerned, you are sure to get the correct answer.

    And, you can’t go wrong! After all, men aren’t that complicated.

    You just have to take the time to try to understand them. And, the best way to do it is to look at love through the eyes of a male member.

    Really, what is a man looking for?

    The relationship problem I see most often is that, instead of understanding what a man likes, his partner imposes her own preferences on him.

    Of course, all men love attractive, confident women menstrual cycle.

    Indeed, he wants to be proud to introduce you to his relatives. But, this is far from being the only important point for him.

    I asked about twenty men the following question: what do you need to be happy as a couple?

    And, here are the 5 things that appeared most often in the responses. If you want him to truly commit to a long-term relationship with you, here are some tips:

    1. Respect is essential for your partner.

    He needs you to esteem him! When you really love your partner, your behavior towards them speaks for you.

    Do you respect him or do you show contempt? Your man sees clearly through your game.

    He knows if you sincerely love him because he observes your behavior. And, for him, if there is no respect, there are no deep feelings.

    So your man wants to be honored, he wants to receive special treatment. So if you put him down, compare him to others, or involve someone else in your disagreements, he’ll see it as disrespectful.

    So he feels emasculated! However, by respecting him, you will make him happy and push him to treat you in the same way.

    So, don’t talk about your relationship problems to others, don’t point fingers at your flaws and make fun of them, and don’t draw attention to their failures.

    On the other hand, when you talk about his qualities, you show that you are happy for him, therefore, by extension, happy to be with him.

    2. Your partner wants to be able to communicate freely.

    Communication is essential in all types of relationships, whether they are friendly, family or romantic.

    But, each one communicates in his own way! Your man wants to be your friend first, so he wants to feel connected to you.

    He needs an intellectual, emotional, psychological connection and so on. In fact, he wants to be able to identify with you on all levels.

    Your partner wants to share their work, dreams, goals, and even the darker aspects of their personality with you.

    So when it opens, listen to it and ask questions related to the topic being discussed. And, when he’s not speaking, give him time to regroup his thoughts.

    After all, we all go through difficult times so we are not necessarily always ready to discuss or exchange ideas or emotions.

    You have to know how to take a step back when you realize that he is not very well.

    But, also show you are interested when he talks about him or what he likes.

    3. Your man wants to feel safe around you.

    True, he is strong and fearless. But, deep down, he above all needs tenderness. In fact, every man hides a little boy.

    And, this little boy wants to be cuddled. Your man wants to be able to be vulnerable without being afraid because he is emotionally connected with you.

    For example, there are things you know about your partner that are completely unknown to those close to them.

    In short, your man wants a woman who understands his needs and wants. Someone he can be himself with without having to wear a mask.

    So accept him as he is! Tell him that you appreciate him and that you care very much for him.

    Because, in reality, he just wants to make sure that your connection goes beyond the physical.

    He does not want to feel used because he is looking for security!

    4. He needs to be appreciated and accepted for who he really is.

    In every man hides a king who dreams of being appreciated for who he really is.

    So, he needs to hear you say that you realize that he’s doing his best, even if he isn’t always successful.

    After all, you can’t always be a winner. Sometimes life sends us insurmountable obstacles.

    But, if you tell him that you see his efforts and that you are proud of everything he does for his own life and for your relationship, he will be in heaven.

    And, it’ll encourage him to work even harder. Besides, another way to show your man that you appreciate him is to remain faithful to him.

    Yes, I know? It makes sense! But, I wanted to underline this element. By cheating on your partner, you tell him that you are trying to fill a void in your relationship.

    A man wants a loyal woman who will always be there to support and encourage him.

    I realize that it’s easy to take your partner for granted, especially after a while as a couple.

    But, don’t forget: he too needs praise. So show him that you see his positive sides and that you are proud to celebrate his strengths.

    5. Your partner wants to be encouraged and supported.

    Lots of men love their jobs and go to great lengths to be successful. And, they especially enjoy the feeling of euphoria associated with success.

    So your man needs someone who will motivate him and encourage him to always pursue his dreams.

    For example, when he’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown or when he feels like giving up, show him your support.

    Show him that you believe in him. The fact that you have faith in his abilities will encourage him to surpass himself.

    And, he will then be happy to return the favor. After all, life is far from easy or fair.

    So your man is going to prefer to seriously commit to a woman who encourages him rather than a princess who has no ambition.

    He knows he can achieve all of his goals and aim for the top if you have positive words to encourage him!

    In fact, he needs to know that you are proud of him and the efforts he is making to improve his life, and by extension yours.

    And even?

    Your partner is not perfect and he never will be. Besides, neither do you! So he needs you to understand him.

    It has some superficial flaws that irritate you but which you can get used to. Of course, I’m not talking about abuse or infidelity.

    In these cases, your man is good to throw! But, when it comes to negative traits like lack of attention or thoughtlessness, you can help him improve.

    Indeed, over the course of your romantic relationship, her flaws will gradually appear. And, when you notice something that bothers you, tell her!

    Your man wants a companion who can clearly say ?Stop? but in a gentle and understandable way.

    So help him to work on his personal development. Don’t hold any resentment or hatred deep inside you because that’s not going to help matters.

    Be open but delicate so as not to hurt him. This is the only way there is to improve your relationship and to move forward.


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