Things to be aware of for women Menstrual-Cycle!!

    women menstrual cycle

    Menstrual Cycle or monthly cycle in women is a change in the uterus lining (endometrium) and ovaries after which the eggs start preparing for fertilisation as there is a break of follicle of the eggs which are prepared in the ovary. It comes out for fertilisation and then ovulation occurs. 

    Periodis a condition when blood is released from the girl/women uterus and comes out through the vagina. It?s an indication that she gets closer to the finish of puberty. 

    Startat the age of 12 to 15. In some cases it starts early at the age of 8. It?s known as Menarche.

    Stopat the age of 40 to 58. It?s known as menopause.

    Period is a sign in girls that she can be pregnant in future. More than half of the population don’t want to talk on this topic and even though they don’t have proper knowledge of Menstrual Hygiene which even gives birth to infection in their vagina. Many times people have this question on their mind about where to buy medical equipment online. So there are many medical online stores from where you can purchase the essential items like sanitary napkins, soaps and other items. Here are some points to be discussed as to why Menstrual Hygiene is imported in the pandemic.

    Effect of Covid-19 pandemic on Menstrual Hygiene 

    The Covid-19 pandemic has a very great impact on global economy and public health worldwide, due to which pattern of life has changed. The nations which were under Lockdown, and following social distancing, the government of those countries were focused that they will do their best to save the most endangered area of the nation.  COVID-19 has stimulated travel restrictions. It prefers work from home, isolation, and self-quarantine. Many people with opportunity and means have stocked toilet papers to that extent that they don?t need to purchase toilet paper for another few years or so.  

    There is one blind spot in the potential of Government preparation and policies to solve the important needs of the community as we all face the pandemic: undermine the essential needs of women and overlook interventions. Menstruation is a natural monthly cycle experienced by half of the world population. But still in countries it?s a dirty secret across the world, a stigma and taboo that women face on a regular basis.

    Importance of Menstrual 

    More than millions of women who menstruate face difficulty in managing safely, with dignity and comfort in their monthly cycle. There is a very common often faced by most of the women and girls that is inadequate availability of toilets, sanitary napkins, water and other important items to control the blood flow such as underwear, soaps and other menstrual products. The taboo of menstrual restrict their behaviour and movement which act as an obstacle in their regular life at work place, school, and other places, all this adds misery to them. As we are aware of that if there is no proper menstrual hygiene then it leads to a high risk of discomfort, negative effects on mental health and infection. It?s very essential to make sure that women get sufficient assistance in menstrual hygiene. The impact of poor hygiene can lead to many serious problems.

    With the measures to contain COVID-19 extending into the summers, product availability and medical assistance will be affected due to store closures and stock-outs. The poor and marginalised communities are the worst hit in such times. The current pandemic highlights and exacerbates the challenges faced by girls and women face the world over.

    We on 28th May celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day which is done to make people aware of the significance of maintaining proper menstrual hygiene and also to break period taboos around the world. This year during the pandemic also we are focusing that how these menstrual programs do not stop while facing other demons

    Menstrual Hygiene Day, celebrated on 28th May, aims at creating awareness about the importance of maintaining menstrual hygiene and breaking the taboo around periods. This year it is also focusing on how periods do not stop for pandemics and should not be overlooked while battling other demons.

    Things to follow during Menstrual Cycle 

    Keep changing you sanitary napkins after four hours

    If you make the use of sanitary napkins to soak blood during the periods, and then don’t forget to change within four hours. Changing within four is ideally a good time. If not possible to do this every day then practice this for the starting two days as there is heavier flow.  Same pad should not be worn for more than eight hours and then change it. 

    Properly clean the reusable pads

    There are some sanitary napkins available in the market which can be reduced many times during menstrual cycles. If you are referring to using them then clean them properly and see that there is no chance of infection. Read the instructions carefully before using. This you can easily get from an online store which is selling medical supply online.

    Clean your vaginal

    Especially during menstrual cleaning your vaginal area as many times blood sticks to your vagina which may cause infection. 

    Wear clean underwear and comfortable clothes 

    As you have to keep on changing your pads during periods, wear comfortable clothes as it will be easy for you to change and enable your skin to properly breathe and clean your stains on underwear daily which will reduce the infection.


    Do not face shyness while talking about the menstrual problems and try to help girls and women who are not getting proper menstrual assistance. There are many people who are buying medical equipment online, so you can get all the products at ease and easily get the delivery.

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