Commerce Or Science – Which Is A Better Option?

Choosing the right stream after class 10th is an arduous task. There are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration. This choice paves your way into the career path you want to choose in the future. Moreover, your preferences will help you make your career decisions more wisely. 

The two most popular streams that all schools across the country offer are Science and Commerce. These streams have had an infamous war going on since the dawn of time. Science students were considered more superior, but that notion has evolved over time and for the better. Throughout all discussions surrounding these streams, we can deduce that one is clearly better, and the growing demand for qualified students. 

Students also opt for coaching classes in their last two years of high school. For commerce students, it is highly important to choose the best commerce classes you can get.?

What is science?

The Science stream is a good mix of theory and practical application. It teaches more about the laws governing nature and how to observe and use those laws. It enables a better understanding of the world around us and our surroundings. The principal subjects offered by the stream are Physics and Chemistry as main subjects and the option for mathematics or biology as the third core. Students can opt for an elective or additional subject as well from other available streams. There are several well-paid career options in science, such as medicine, engineering, and pure sciences. 

What is Commerce?

In crude terms, Commerce can be interpreted as a medium of instruction and knowledge base that enables the study of Business and related marketing activities such as exchanging various commodities and services from the manufacturer, wholesaler, and intermediaries to the final consumer. The principal subjects taught in the extensive stream of Commerce for CBSE Class 11 and 12 comprise ? Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics. Students can select an additional topic as well, especially one like marketing, to aid their interest and qualification further.  

Why is Commerce the better option? 

Commerce is a better option than a science due to a multitude of reasons. From career options to qualifications to competition, Commerce wins the race by a mile. There isn?t a trace of doubt that Commerce is the more sophisticated, evolved field compared to science. A few reasons why Commerce is the better stream are:

1. Course Structure:?

Commerce and Science have demanding course structures. However, Commerce is more accommodating and exciting, whereas science is rigid. This fluid-structure of Commerce makes it easier to learn by focusing on the basics. It also promotes the culture of understanding rather than rote learning that science enables.?

2. Competition:?

Students blindly opt for science because of the diverse career options it provides. However, they don?t factor in the cut-throat competition. Science is primarily theoretical knowledge and won?t have a lucrative use in the real world. Commerce, however, teaches practical things which make for an impressive skill set in a relatively less competitive arena.

3. Time management:

Science is hugely time-consuming. It leaves no room for students to pursue their hobbies and extracurriculars. Commerce, on the other hand, allows effective and efficient time management. This enables students to follow any other recreational activities and, in turn, helps with holistic development.?

4. Costly:

Upon a strategic, in-depth cost-benefit analysis, one can easily deduce that science is definitely more expensive and not as opportune. Because of the time, equipment, and resources that science demands, it is way more costly than Commerce as a whole. A commerce coaching institute, for example, would be less expensive than a science one. This makes the commerce stream more affordable, and the money so saved can be invested into other developmental activities.?

And perhaps the most important aspect that helps commerce?s case is-

1. Career options:?

The primary reason why students opt for science over commerce is the availability of career options at their disposal. This notion, however, is outdated and ever evolving. Science nowadays is opted by students to pursue two major career options- medicine or engineering. These traditional streams are overcrowded. Professionals, too, give precedence to students from commerce backgrounds. This is because recruiters have realised that though a science qualification is adequate, only commerce students can exploit the economic opportunities available in the market. Thus, Science subjects in any other career area other than those mentioned are rendered useless. On the other hand, because of its application-based issues, Commerce offers a broader range of equally good, viable, and profitable professional career options. Management courses of varied ranges are on the rise, and commerce provides an edge to students going into this field. Moreover, in the changing economic scenario, having commerce as a subject gives you a better chance at success.?


Thus, it is evident that Commerce has way more to offer than science. It is a promising stream on the rise as an untapped resource mine. Students often don?t realize the implications of making such a massive decision of choosing the appropriate stream. Not taking enough time to think about it would ultimately cause you to bear the repercussions of making the wrong choice. Commerce wins this race by a lot and is thus the better option to go for.

Moreover, there are plenty of study aids available for this stream. Therefore, it is imperative to research and choose the best commerce classes around you. UKIC online is the one of the best commerce classes in Ahmedabad, always providing all the students? service.?

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