Math Exam: The Final Battle

Are you preparing for your math final? Or is your child preparing for one? Are you worried about your child?s results?

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Clearing your mind

First, go through your syllabus thoroughly. Highlight the concepts you need extra help on and keep them aside. Make sure you prepare the easy concepts first so they?re out of the way, now you can fully set your mind to the hard ones.

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Take a deep breath before starting these. You can do this!

Ask for help

If you?re having trouble with a particular concept, ask your tutor or your parents to help you out. If this doesn?t workout plan a study date with a classmate, but make sure you clear that concept before moving ahead. Never leave stuff for tomorrow, that?s never going to work out.

Test yourself

After you complete each chapter, and you?re confident that you nailed it, prepare a test for yourself.

Make the test as hard as you can, and try to attempt it. Reward yourself for the ones you got right, and write down the ones that you didn?t. Do those questions repetitively until you get them right!

Rest your eyes

Giving yourself a break is very vital. You won?t be able to come out of this alive without relaxing a bit. This will also help you to memorize stuff better.

Try watching an episode from your favorite series or taking a walk. Maybe even a 10-minute power nap. Stay away from social media as much as you can.

Making a schedule

Make up a schedule and make sure you stick to it. Organize yourself and prepare your mind. Finish all the tasks you planned out for the day.

Do not procrastinate, if you put off your tasks tomorrow you?ll never get them done, and it?s going to keep you all tensed up. So, stick to your schedule if you want to get that grade.

Break your syllabus in half, doing all of it in one go isn?t the strategy you?re looking for.

Get enough sleep and eat properly, these two are the most important factors to get a good grade. Don?t pressurize your brain to the point where it gives up, keep it nourished by eating healthy, and stay away from junk food.

Final preparations

In the final week, review what you?ve covered. Take a glance at how much you left out, practice what you?ve done. Once you?ve perfected that move on to the ones you left.

Try to understand the whole thing, make up your way to make it easier. Then move on to practicing again.

Practicing what you?ve done is the only way you?ll get Math successfully. Believe in yourself and don?t freak out, you?ve got this!

Taking care of yourself

Remember this is only a test and it will pass, as long as you gave your 100% it doesn?t matter what grade you get, don?t overwhelm yourself, taking care of your health should be your number one priority.

Relax yourself, listen to some calming music before your exam day, eat whatever you want, make sure you go into the exam hall with a smile on your face.

In the exam room

Once you?re in the exam room, stay calm and try to go over the formulas you memorized. Don?t mix it up in your head. Try to think of the positive side, like what if you ace your exam!

Now when you have the exam paper in front of you, take a deep breath. Drink a bit of water and get to work.

Finish the easy questions first, save your brain for the hard ones. If the kids around you are finishing early, so what? You keep doing that paper till your time is up. Trust me you?re going to nail it. Even if you don?t, it?s not the end of the world. Good luck!

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