Collision Repair Services Offered by Auto Body Shops

Collisions are the worst possible nightmares for every vehicle user. Not only these fateful incidents damage our costly vehicles, but they can also claim lives, depending upon the severity of it. So, what comes next to a collision for a car owner, is finding out a reliable auto body shop where they can avail every kind of collision repair services.

At the famous Hayden auto body shop, the team of technicians and auto experts shared that it is the aim of any auto body shop to bring back the original look of any vehicle that has met with a gruesome accident. ?So, every auto body shop will offer services that are related to collision repair, be it small or big. But not all the auto body shops might be equipped equally o provide a complete range of collision repair services. But they surely can help you with other regular services that are related to the physical properties of the car, including the electrical work.

Hayden auto body shop

Scratch and Dent Repair

They further explained that usually the small auto body shops provide services like dent and scratch repair, paint less dent repair. This set of services is considered as collision repair since, vehicles that get trapped into minor collisions suffer small or big dents, scratches and they need to be fixed back to prevent further issues like rusting of the exterior and peeling off of the exterior paint.

Fender and Bumper Repair and Replacement

In most of the cases of collisions, the vehicles that collide with each other get worst affected at the bumpers and fenders, and that is the sole purpose of fitting these parts to the car body. But once the bumper or the fender gets a dent, loosen down, get bent severely or develops a crack, they need to be either repaired or replaced, almost immediately, since the car would not be safe any longer without a pair of healthy bumpers. Most auto body shops offer this service, since it is one of the most common damages observed after a collision.

Windshield Replacement

In some severe head-on collisions, the vehicles tend to suffer badly from a windshield breakdown. The shock of the frontal collision either cracks up the windshield screen, or totally breaks it into pieces which leave the car beyond a drivable condition. Hence, most of the auto body shops provide the service of windshield replacement services, provided they have the same windshield size and shape, that your car model can fit in.

Frame Straightening

When the collision gets too intense and fatal, the vehicles involved in it can suffer from frame damage. It is a structural damage that might or might not be repaired, depending upon the severity of the damage. But some well-established and authorized auto body shops offer frame straightening services.

This kind of service needs machinery using hydraulic force to straighten up the bent frames of the vehicle. So, it is usually found that only bigger auto body shops and the authorized auto body shops have that kind of infrastructure to run such bigger operations, commented the mechanics of the authorized auto body shop in Hayden.