Check out Efficient Powertrain of 2021 Chevrolet Traverse

One of the reasons for 2021 Traverse from Chevrolet has become popular in the first place is due to its efficient powertrain. If you are really looking for a powerful yet really efficient engine, then Chevy Traverse is the car you should check out whenever you get to Concord Chevrolet dealership. However, before you make your move, ensure checking out its powertrain and other details presented below.

Efficient powertrain

As mentioned earlier, Traverse is fitted with V6 engine along with automatic 9-speed that is quite slick-shifting in nature. This 3.6L engine is more than efficient to pull this vehicle easily whether in city roads or on highway. In addition, this is one of the quickest in its class. Moreover, this engine is quite responsive helping it to offer excellent acceleration on highway or when pulling away quickly from stoplights.

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This car has auto start-stop trait that feels like the most swift and efficient that people can find in a vehicle. Also, when maneuvering on road or parking, it doesn�t feel like you are driving such a big vehicle; all these is due to the efficient powertrain that this automobile possesses. Moreover, this efficient powertrain is responsible for this vehicle to be poised when driven.

In addition, low effort is what one requires putting on steering and its precise system is what aids in driving this huge car easily. Lastly, its suspension system is remarkable that strikes correct balance between ride quality and agility. Hence, all these can be experienced due to the efficient powertrain that this car has.

Apart from these, this powertrain is also responsible for Traverse to have a quite economical gas mileage. In cities, Traverse has the ability of producing 18 mpg and on highway at least 27 mpg. It means that in its class, Traverse offers mileage that is better than most of the vehicles and at par with some of its rivals. Such an efficient powertrain is hard to come by in any other car and that�s why you should get it from a Chevrolet dealer Concord.

Price tag of Traverse 2021

First of all 2021 Traverse is available in five different versions starting with L series that costs $31,000 approximately. The other two mid-range trims include LS with a price tag of $34,410 and RS costing $45,205. Lastly, the Premier has a price tag of $47,310 and High Country at $52,410.

Such a fine vehicle and if you want to enjoy the most and have the best version with all the upgraded features, then there is no question of you not getting High Country or a Premier version. However, if you don�t want to spend that much on your SUV, then you should at least opt for the RS version and choose a few upgrading packages.

Apart from having an efficient powertrain and quite reasonable pricing when compared with other SUVS, the interior and looks of traverse is another reason people select this vehicle. Hence, it is time for you to visit a Chevy dealer and book one!

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