Cities with the best quality of life in Florida

best quality of life

The Sunshine State has many attractive places to visit and a lot of cities that provide the best quality of life in Florida – if you’re thinking about relocation. From the Florida Keys’ laid-back tropical vibes to the dynamic city of Miami, there’s something for everyone here. The benefits are numerous. Beaches, warm climate, low taxes… You name it, Florida’s got it. It’s also home to top tourist attractions in the USA. When considering which part of Florida would be the best for you, on the one hand, you have subjective factors like climate preference and proximity to family or friends, but on the other side are objective factors like:

  • Affordability (housing expenses, cost of living, purchasing power)
  • Culture (activities, events, restaurants, etc.)
  • Job opportunities (unemployment rates, commute times)
  • Safety (violence and crimes rates)
  • Education possibilities
  • Healthcare, welfare (availability and quality)

In this article, we focused on cities with the best quality of life in Florida due to the parameters stated above, and we chose some places that really stand out.

Port St. Lucie

The southeastern city of Florida ranks high in all categories. It offers a lot of cultural entertainment, a relaxed atmosphere, plenty to see, do, and enjoy. There are many uncrowded beaches, with free admissions and free parking lots. Outdoor activity opportunities are endless, so if you are an active type of person looking for some thrills, choose from many adventures on water or on the land, such as boating, fishing, golfing, hiking. Another perk is that this city is near Miami. It’s slowly growing in population but still has a relatively low cost of living, ranks high in safety, and has thriving job markets.


Even though Jacksonville has one of the state’s largest populations, it’s one of the most affordable cities to live in. It’s ranked as one of the few big cities with the best quality of life in Florida. It has several good colleges and universities. You?ll find plenty of restaurants, popular fast-food chains, and breweries here, as well as outdoor and sports activities. If you?re in the health or banking industry, there are abundant job opportunities for you here.

Caption: Jacksonville has one of the largest populations in the state.

Cape Coral

On the southwest side of Florida, this city offers many amenities, including beautiful beaches and watersports, parks, and nature reserves. The job opportunities are a bit lacking here, but there is a lot that can make up for that, mostly in beautiful nature. If you have a job that you can do remotely, it may be a perfect place for you. It can also be great for retirement.

Fort Lauderdale

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Fort Lauderdale is 300 sunny days per year. Culturally, there is a lot to do here ? events, activities in nature, shopping, buzzing nightlife, vibrant art scene, etc. Fort Lauderdale is among the most affordable and the safest cities in Florida. The job market is decent, and the possibilities for excellent education here are high.

If this seems good to you, start planning your relocation here, and you’ll have a lot to look forward to. When making such a big step in life, like moving to a new city, be sure to have the help of professional, experienced movers. Vision Movers have proven to be one of the most reliable. You can rest assured that you’ll be covered during the whole process, and you’ll have more time to focus on your other tasks. 

Caption: You can’t be bored in Fort Lauderdale – there’s so much to do.


Tampa is a great place for job seekers, so keep that in mind when planning your career and future goals. Here you’ll find 7 Fortune 500 companies. Education is excellent, and the city is relatively affordable. If you’re looking for the amenities of a large metropolitan bustling city with a beach town lifestyle, Tampa is a perfect place for you. 

Tampa has some magnificent suburbs like Valrico, just 14 miles east, and it’s really a hidden gem for families with children. It has great schools, low crime rates, and a growing median household income.

Does Miami offer the best quality of life in Florida?

Everybody knows Miami as a major tourist destination and cultural hub of Florida. Miami certainly has a lot to offer to all its residents, from outdoor recreation, vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches to national parks and modern architecture. There is also an abundant choice of fun and healthy activities like yoga classes. Miami has a young and well-educated population and a few large companies, major employers in the city.


What comes first to your mind when you hear Orlando? Is it Disneyland? Maybe Universal studios? Orlando has a thriving job market, one of the best in Florida, with many tourism industry jobs. Also, there’s a lot to explore and do. Whether you are into theme parks, restaurants, shopping, or nightlife, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Unemployment rates are lower compared to the rest of the state, and you can count on good public transportation and education here. 

Suburbs of Orlando are amazing places to live in. Oviedo is one of the best. Around 90% of Oviedo residents have white-collar jobs. If you’re looking for a well-paid job, first-rate schools, a strong sense of community, and plenty of family recreation opportunities, head straight to Oviedo. 

Caption: Orlando ? a city of many theme parks, fun activities, and outdoor opportunities for families.


The capital city of Florida is a big college town with excellent universities and college campuses. As one would expect from such a city, the cost of living is affordable, transportation is great, and the nightlife is buzzing. If that’s not enough, Tallahassee is a shopaholic’s paradise, but also a place that offers a lot of family activities, museums, parks, festivals, sports events, etc.

Moving to Florida?

From the most populous and fastest-growing cities in the state to smaller, quieter places around those major areas – it’s up to you to decide which will be the most desirable place to live in for you and your family. You know your priorities and preferences, so research everything thoroughly before you decide to become a resident here. Be methodical in your research and relocation planning because moving is not only about packing a few bags and starting anew; it’s a complex process that requires time and good organization if you want it to be successful.


One thing is sure ? you’re not likely to be bored in the Sunshine state. In addition to all the places with the best quality of life in Florida, you’ll find a bunch of things to keep you busy! Also, there’s a whole lot of things to do for relaxation. Add to that a ton of fun things to do, and that’s a perfect recipe for happiness. Wouldn’t you agree?

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