How to Change a Name on Delta Airlines Ticket?

Sometimes, passengers need to change or update the names on their airline tickets for a
variety of reasons. Misspellings and changes to initials are both accepted by the Delta
Airlines name change policy. All passengers flying on this airline must comply with the legal
requirement that their names appear exactly as they do on their tickets. Because they know
how crucial name correction is, Delta provides a range of options. Before reading their name
change policy, we need to know about Delta airlines?

What is Delta Airlines?

One of the most well-known and popular airlines is Delta Airlines. It is well known for its fast
and comfortable domestic and international flights. Additionally, the staff both on board and
at the airport is very helpful. They also provide a number of services to make booking and
travelling easier. In this blog, you will be getting comprehensive information about Delta
Airlines Name Change policy.

What is Delta Ticket Name Change Policy?

Sometimes, a passenger types their information incorrectly while booking a flight. By using
Delta Name Change Policy, you can correct a mistake that appears in your name. Tickets for
both international and domestic flights frequently fall under this policy.

Conditions to Change the Name on the Tickets Online:

? You can request a correction online if there are any minor mistakes.
? The policy allows a passenger to change an inverted name.
? Delta Airlines offers first- and last-name changes on tickets as per the guidelines.
? Passengers are only allowed one reissue per ticket.
? Only three character changes are allowed.
? You must reissue the tickets if you have already made the correction request and
need to make additional changes.
? Changes to the passenger’s tickets’ DOB and gender are also covered by the Delta
Name Change Policy.

Types of Delta Airlines Name Change:

  1. Name Change After Marriage:
    The name issue comes after marriage. It affects a lot of women in general. After marriage, a
    woman’s last name changes, which causes an issue when boarding a flight. It’s because their
    last names don’t match those on their unique identification cards. However, they can
    present some court documents related to their marriage. In the case of a divorce, a woman
    may also request a change of surname on the ticket.
  2. Middle Name Correction:
    Middle names are not required to be filled. However, if you fill it, be careful to correctly
    mention it. This means that name on your official identification card and your middle name
    should be the same. To ensure the change procedure, the following actions will be taken by
    the agent:
    ? To correct the name, check the PNR.
    ? Add an OSI message to the ticket advising that the name correction is completed.
    ? Finally, in exchange the airline will issue a ticket. Additionally, you won’t be able to
    change your flights or your travel dates any longer.
  3. Corrections and Additions to Last Name:
    Make sure that there aren’t any mismatches between your name and the name on your
    official ID, before you get into any kind of trouble with the wrong name. In case of change
    your surname, you should be aware of the following:
    ? Customers of Delta Airlines are only allowed to add three characters to their last
    ? The procedure for changing a name will be the same as changing a middle name. The
    OSI notification will be the only thing to change, though.
  4. Reversed Last & First Name:
    On a flight ticket, it sometimes happens that a passenger writes the last name in place of the
    first name accidentally, and vice versa. It is crucial to adhere to the Delta Airlines Name
    Change or Correction Policy if you want to correct this mistake. The reversed name change
    procedure is akin to the above correction process. The only difference will be in the OSI
    What is the procedure for changing the name on Delta Airlines, and how
    can I do it?

Most passengers booked flights in a hurry and entered their names incorrectly. Some flights
have complex procedures and a huge fee to change their name. However, if you request a
name change with Delta Airlines within 24 hours of making your reservation, it will be free.

To change your name on the ticket, follow the steps below:

? First, visit the delta airlines official website.
? Go to the ?manage my travel? section.
? When you go to the following screen, enter your credentials and last name.
? To continue, select next.
? Choose the preferred booking where you want to make the name change.
? Three options will be given to you for change: your itinerary, your flight information,
and your credentials. Simply go to the third section and change your name.
? To change the name of Delta Airlines on the ticket, follow the instructions.
? To receive a new ticket, click next to confirm and then verify your email address. Your
name has now changed.
Now, you have been verified and are ready to fly with Delta Airlines in comfort. Before
boarding the flight, make sure your credentials are filled out.


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