How To Recreate A Celebrity Outfit Without Shopping New

We?ve all tried to dress like our favorite fashion icons at some point. It could be the latest celebrity outfit your favorite actress was spotted wearing, a trending post from Pinterest, or an image from an old inspo album. All excited to pull off the new looks and impress your friends, you open your wardrobe only to be disappointed by the list of clothes and accessories you need to buy. 

But wait, you could still make it work without shopping new! Here is how. 

Break down the outfit 

Breaking down an outfit into different components makes it easy to find what works. What is the most striking part of the outfit? The top, bottom, layers, shoes, headwear, shades, or accessories? Find out which ones are the most essential for pulling off the style and which ones can be discarded. See what is the closest thing you have to substitute each of the essential items.  

Find the Style factors

Take a look at the style factors of each of these parts. Is it the sharp silhouette that makes it work? Maybe it is the balance of proportion, the texture of the jacket, the blend of colors, or a mix of these factors. 

But how do you make these elements work in your favor? By altering them to your needs. Say the image you found has the model wearing a military green cardigan. The choice of color of the layering might be inspired by their warm skin tone. Your outfit will fall through if you choose the same colors without considering your cooler skin tone. The same is true for each of the other elements. 

Figure out the statement piece

A statement piece is something that makes the entire outfit pop. It doesn’t have to be all shiny and glittery. In fact, a great statement piece does its magic by tying together your entire outfit without drawing attention to itself. Take it off and you lose the charm. 

The next step is to find a statement piece in your desired celebrity outfit. Anything could work as a statement piece based on the looks you are trying to pull off. See if your favorite fashion icon wears the Gucci bag for the high fashion appeal or a trucker hat aiming for the street style. Identify the piece and its purpose, and you can recreate the look with what is in your wardrobe.  

Aim for the vibe 

Unless you are doing cosplay, or want it to be obvious that you are dressing like your idol, it is best to avoid matching the celebrity outfit to a tee. The point is not to wear every piece as such. In fact, many an attempt to pull off a popular style fails because the wearer disregards their personal style. 

What you should do is try and create the same overall vibe. What is the style they are for? It could be quirky, edgy, playful, retro, modern, high-fashion, street style, or anything in between.  Once you have figured this part out, go through your wardrobe and look for clothing that gives off the same vibe. Play around with different combos to find the best one. 


When you are trying to recreate a celebrity outfit without shopping for new garments, the aim is to emulate, not imitate. Play with each element and integrate your own style to come up with combinations that are inspired but with a personal touch.