How to Avoid Dry Lips When Applying Matte Lipstick

A gorgeous lipstick is a must-have in the beauty arsenal that’s empowering and transformative. One option that’s recently gaining traction is the glam and sultry matte lipstick. Many beauty enthusiasts love this smooth finish since it’s easily customizable and does not transfer quickly. The matte makeup is reminiscent of a Vogue cover photo? glamourous, posh, and polished. 

Matte lipstick can amplify your lip’s natural beauty, but applying and maintaining it is tricky. Its thick consistency and dry texture can lead to parched and cracked lips. Don’t worry; you don’t have to ditch your matte lipstick. With the following tips, you can still achieve gorgeous and luscious lips, sans the dryness.

Why Does Matte Lipstick Cause Lips to Dry Out?

Matte lipstick has a different formulation than its glossy counterpart. Generally, lipstick contains oil, wax, and pigment. The ratio of these ingredients dictates whether a lipstick will be glossy or matte. Matte lipsticks have less oil and more pigment and wax, resulting in a richer and heavier product. 

These features provide the matte lipstick with a deeper color and opaque look. It also makes it longer-wearing and low-maintenance. However, the lack of oils and moisture leads to a drier texture and increases the chance of the lipstick settling on the lips’ cracks.  

5 Tips for Applying Matte Lipstick without Drying the Lips

Exfoliate before anything else

Matte lipstick can sometimes come out cakey and dry-looking, especially when it settles on the lips’ rough and cracked areas. It would be a great idea to exfoliate the lips before applying any product. It will create a smooth canvas and prevent an uneven texture. Exfoliating your lips every other day can ensure that the lipstick will flawlessly glide on your lips. 

You don’t have to purchase pricey products or tools to exfoliate your lips; a trusty, soft-bristled toothbrush will do. You can also use store-bought lip scrubs to gently slough off your delicate lip area. They also have unique ingredients that moisturize and nourish the lips.

Moisturize for a healthier pout

A moisturizing lip balm is a heaven-sent product for a plumper pout. Opt for a lightweight balm and apply it before starting your makeup routine. It would be best to put on the lipstick last so that your lips will have enough time to absorb the moisturizer. 

It’s excellent advice to moisturize the lips regularly, and not just before applying makeup, to keep them healthy and plump. Lip balms that contain menthol can heal chapped lips and treat cold sores. It will help if you include it as part of your nighttime beauty routine or your daytime touch-up habit.?

Apply a lip primer

A lip primer allows your lip color to stay true to the lipstick tube’s shade. It provides a uniform canvas that enables the matte lipstick to glide on the lips effortlessly, resulting in a more vibrant color. A lip primer can also make your lipstick last longer and less prone to feathering.

Lip primer application is pretty straightforward. Carefully dab and spread the primer on your lips using your fingers. Don’t forget to apply some on your lipline. For best results, wait for a few seconds before applying other products.

Use lip gloss to soften your look?

You can have both the vibrant colors of a matte lipstick with the dewy features of gloss. The secret is learning how to apply liquid lipstick while maintaining its rich color. A simple technique would be to dab a glossy liquid lipstick over the matte for a dewy look.?

Another way of softening matte lipstick is to apply a highlighter at your bottom lip’s center. It will make your lips look more luscious and healthier. You can match your vibrant, dewy lips with your fun, casual outfits or chic daytime clothes. 

Maintain your matte lipstick

Matte lipstick may be famous for its staying power, but it can still fade as the day progresses. Make it a habit to check your lipstick after a meal, a workout, or a meeting. Your lips may need a touch-up to last until nighttime. 

Don’t forget to lather some lip balm before applying your lipstick. You can touch up your eye makeup first while waiting for your lips to absorb the moisture. If your lip color seems uneven or your lips look drier than usual, it’s time to wipe off the lipstick and apply a fresh coat. 

Achieve a Gorgeous Pout with Matte Lipstick

The secret to mesmerizing lips is applying lipstick hacks that can enhance your pout’s natural beauty. You can use the matte lipstick application tips mentioned above to prevent dry, chapped lips. Make sure to include a lip balm, lip primer, lip gloss, and matte lipstick in your makeup kit for a classy look that can go from daytime to nighttime.?


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