All You Need To Know About Puppy Teething

Puppies are nearly blind at the time of their birth, but have a good sense of taste. And that’s the only context they’re using to start learning about the environment. But when the moment arises for teething, the chewing will get pretty wild. Puppies start teething after they’re three weeks […]

Antibiotic Alternative in Poultry

Today, antibiotics are not just made and consumed by humans. Fishery, agriculture as well as livestock farming also rely on them. Moreover, in many developed the farm animal industry uses antibiotics four times more than humans. It’s seen as a vital part of food security. However, the use of antibiotics […]

Cat Neutering and Spaying

Do you keep a cat at home? Would you like to upgrade his health and make him live longer? We are sure this blog can help you achieve that desire. Having a cat is one of the best things because he is like your friend and furry companion who doesn’t […]

Interesting Facts About Calico Cats

If you are thinking about adopting a calico feline, or you already have one, I’m sure you want to know everything about these adorable three-color cats. Have you ever wondered if all calico cats are female or if calico is a breed or not? There are probably so many other […]

Is It Hard to Become A Veterinarian?

Today, most individuals want to become Veterinarians. However, it is not that easy as we think this will be. You may need to pass through a hard academic career and a lot of other things. Now Veterinarians Newport Beach will like to highlight the difficulty of the exotic animal veterinary […]