Animated videos that come in all kinds of forms, shapes and sizes, from hand-drawn techniques to graphic techniques, are on the rise. The most important aspect of any video marketing is telling the story. Animations have become very popular to do this for many brands. With so many options out there, how can […]

5 Creative Ways to Promote Your Brand

Contrary to popular conception, promoting your brand or business need not always require loads of money or large amounts of marketing manpower. Rather, using a cost-effective and efficient strategy is key to the success of the promotion of your brand or business and is furthermore easy on the budget, which […]

Platforms of Social Media Marketing

Social media is a vast platform because more than 3 billion people are using this service. Many social media are generating revenue for many companies by just promoting their business on this platform. However, it’s an addiction; if any person starts using it, then he might use it or sign […]