Canon ts3322 wireless printer troubleshooting fixing way

The canon ts3322 wifi printer is a smart technology device. This device is designed for simple replacement and ease of use. Pixma makes a smart technology device in canon devices. For best quality printing needs 2? fine cartridges. You can easily print your document in any room from Mobile devices such as pc, smartphones, computers, tablets, laptops, etc.

Load plain with the rear paper tray and print clear wonderful color pictures, documents, etc. Adjust settings with the direct buttons in the canon printer. Its weight is 10.68 pounds and you are able to control this with an app only. You can print A4 size and letter size pages on this device.

How to set up the canon ts 3322 wifi printer with the wifi?

Make sure: the device is powered on.

First, click the ?setup? button (a)? into the canon printer.

canon ts3322 wifi printer

Now press the button(b) to select the (wireless LAN configure).

After that, push the ?ok? button.

Now you see the manual and cableless setup select the cableless option.

Then you connect the printer for wireless  LAN connection in the”Cableless setup” way.

But there you need to download software is necessary. To complete the wireless connection.

Install Canon Printer Without CD-ROM Fix way.

  1. Use the CD-ROM for installation.
  2. After that, press [ Run Msetup4.exe ] on the AutoPlay screen double and tap on

the continue option on the  User Account Control dialog box.

  • After that visit the Canon website.
  • Now select the canon ts3322 wifi printer name and laptop or computer.
  • Next, go to the product setup and tap on the download.
  • Now the setup printer configuration file will be downloaded.
  • Click on the download file.
  • Thecanon ts3322 wireless printer setup automatically.

Does Wireless LAN configure a canon printer with a smart computer?

After downloading the file you need to connect the device with the canon ts3322 wifi printer, to connect it follow some easy steps.

  • After installation, you need to click the setup icon.
  • Now select next.
  • On the next page enter the name and password of the device and click on the ?install helper? option.
  • Press enter on the ?next?.
  • Select the wireless LAN connection.
  • Now click on the ?connect with the wireless router?. And again select next.
  • Now choose the cable setup option.
  • After that select all the software SSID and clean them and tap next.
  • Next, add the wifi printer.
  • Now a printer name list is open.
  • Find the canon ts3322 wifi printer SSID and double click on it.
  • After that, if you agree with this printer then select ?agree? if not, so click on ?disagree? and go to the next page.
  • Then you see a test printer to test if the device is working or not.
  • Now press the ?Exit? option to complete the installation.

Why is the Canon ts3322 wireless printer not working?

When the Canon ts3322 wireless printer is not working then make sure it?s wired connection to the smartphone properly and the printer is turned on.

  1. Check if the router is supplied by the internet or not.
  2. Also, verify the wifi router network.
  3. Then you need to check if all the electrical outlets are working or not. If it needs the repaired then do that.
  4. You can also reset the router wifi internet access point. To reset, follow some steps.
  5. Make sure when you are resting the device, it is turned on.
  6. First, tap the menu button.
  7. Then use the arrow buttons and open the menu setup.
  8. At the last go to the retting option and push the ?ok? button on the printer.
  9. If still, you are facing problems you need to reboot it.

What to do when the canon printer won?t print and show an error?

If the canon ts3322 wifi printer shows the error the device prints, for the solution you need to reboot both devices such as a router, printer, and connective device.

Clean the printer and connect the electricity properly.

Make sure your printer and connective device SSID is the same.

If you are still facing issues, then reinstall the software and CD driver.

Sometimes the printer needs to oiling and we don?t do, so the printer papers are jammed, check that the papers are installed or not.