Why should you open a preschool franchise in India?

Preschool is the starting point of?a child’s education, introducing them to the world of learning. Preschools are primarily concerned with providing a child-friendly curriculum and a secure learning environment where children can grow and develop a passion for learning. As today’s parents do not have the time to teach their children owing to their hectic lifestyles,?they entrust their children’s education to preschools. As a result, the demand for preschools has surged in India. With several growth prospects in the preschool industry, opening your international preschool franchise is a fantastic way to start your own business.

Opening an international preschool franchise has numerous benefits. Some benefits are-

  • Support for your preschool venture – A top school franchise in India will offer assistance from the very beginning to the very end of the process of establishing a preschool franchise. This support can help you reduce the potential for errors and losses. You will get help with tasks like outlining the school layout, infrastructural needs, curriculum preparation, teacher training, marketing, utilities, and school operations management.
  • You can help make quality education accessible- An international preschool franchise is much more than just a business plan. A child’s growth and learning occur mainly during the first six years of their life. It also is an opportunity to make a difference in the education world by providing high-quality education to children from the very beginning of their educational journey.

There are several well-known preschools in India that give franchising opportunities to educators. You necessarily need not to be an educator to be partnering with a top school franchise in India.

Here are a few frequently asked questions that may come to your mind, if you have made your mind to get into this business.


?How much investment is needed to start a preschool franchise?

In India, you can set up a preschool franchise within 20 lakhs. Generally, you will need 10 to 20 lakhs to partner with a preschool franchise.

How much space do I need to set up a preschool?

200 to 250 square meters of space will be sufficient to establish your preschool.

How much staffsdo I need in my preschool?

As you are becoming a franchise of a school, you will be assisted in hiring both teaching and non-teaching staff. A good preschool will require you to hire a maid per 20 students. You will need to hire one teacher per class, the number of teachers you hire will depend on how many classes you have.

What are the terms and conditions of becoming a franchise?

Most franchising schools require you to accept a few years of the franchise term. Some schools may require you to be partnering with them for seven years. Some may require you to be partners for ten years. The years you need to be connected with them will be dependent on which franchising school you choose. Every franchise provider will have different terms and conditions.


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