Things To Consider While Buying A Fireplace Screen Or A Fire Guard For Your Fireplace

A fireplace is an extended region of a room used to light a fire. The reason for a fireplace screen is to assist in offering an obstacle between the fireplace opening and the room, assist in securing from any hot embers that generally gets spat out from an open fire, getting into the room past the hearth end, keep kids and pets away from the fireplace, both when it’s in utilized and when it’s not, offering a more decorative and attractive look, forming a decorative fire guard, and assist to keep an untidy or run-down fireplace or leftover ashes, away from view.

A fireplace screen is a body that is developed to sit near an unclosed fireplace within or right in front of the fireplace opening which can assist to offer a secured barrier between the entire room and the open fireplace. As every fireplace is built differently, fireplace screens are brought in several sizes, shapes, and designs to suit every kind. Fireplace screens offer both security and decoration to your fireplace area, working as a decorative fireguard as well. However, fireplace screens also work as decorative items that enhance the look of your fireplace. 

Several varieties of top-quality decorative fireplace screens are available in different sizes, finishes, and styles in the market that will add an attractive appearance to your fireplace. But It can seem and indeed it is tough to select and install a fireplace with so many varied options readily available on the market, it can’t be easy to choose the perfect option for your home or business. And so, purchasing the correct fireplace screen is a very essential decision. Considering the following steps will assist you to come up with the correct decision for your situation.

Evaluate your Budget-

Decorative fire guard or fireplaces screens differ in price varying on style, material, finish, and size. Once you evaluate your budget, simply select among the price variety of the fireplace screens available. You will definitely be able to find the perfect fireplace screen to suit all your requirements and your budget.

Selecting the right size-

Selecting the right size fireplace screen is an essential step when choosing a fireplace screen. Make sure to measure and evaluate all dimensions and varied sizes of your fireplace and keep them with yourself. Every fireplace screen will depict the measurement of the fireplace opening it suits to. Analyze your measured dimensions to the dimensions mentioned on the product lists or utilize the convenient “By Height” and “By Width” features that most fireplace screen or fire guard buying platform offers.

Sizing guidelines for wooden fireplace-

Gas fireplace sizing guidelines depicts that the opening for flat fireplace screens needs to overlap by 1″ or till 4” on top and all sides. For folding the fireplace, the height needs to be 3-4” taller and 10-12” wider than the fireplace opening to make sure the screen stands by itself. Choosing your wood fireplace screen as per these mentioned guidelines will assist you to secure your room, your kids, and, your pets from wayward spark and embers.

Choosing Style and type of Materials-

After choosing your desired size range, you will be required to select the style and/or the type of material that perfectly suits your requirements. You can be able to find several fireplace screens available on the market that covers 1-5 panels, glass fireplace screens, and decorative screens readily available in a range of finishes covering copper, bronze, brass, wrought iron, and more. All are available in a variety of finishes and materials including copper, brass, bronze, wrought iron, and more. It’s essential to always keep an eye on the decor and appearance of the room and the fireplace where the fireplace screen will get installed. Whether you desire to have a traditional or contemporary look for your fireplace, you will be able to get everything that will effectively suit your requirements.

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