Google Penguin Update ? Good News Or Bad News?

You may have heard about this new algorithm update by Google called Penguin wreaking havoc in numerous SEO forums. This is due in part to a vast number of websites that experienced sudden free falls in search engine rankings leading to a huge drop in traffic. So, if you are depending on organic traffic from Google, then you need to understand this update in a much greater light.

What really is Penguin?

Launched last month, the Penguin update was designed to change Google algorithms and improve search results primarily by eliminating ?spammy? sites. By spammy, I mean those sites that participate in illegal link networks, does keyword stuffing, cloaking, and numerous other black-hat spam methods. If your site is considered spammy by these new algorithms then you are due to go down in the search engine results.

Actually, this move has nothing but good intentions which is to improve previous search conditions. The problem is that a numerous website owners especially those that are hit by the update are frustrated and confused on what to do.

How do you know if you are hit?

Most of the time, Google will inform you via the Google Webmaster Central if certain penalties are placed on your website. In the event however that you want to make sure, you can do a little analysis on your website. The update was launched last April 24 so take a look at your organic search traffic right after that date. If you see a significant drop in numbers when compared to your data on earlier days, then you were probably hit by new update.

How can you recover?

Remember that the Penguin update is primarily focused on eliminating spammy sites to improve search results. Thus, you need to remove anything that can be considered spam in your website, on page or off page. Wait for the next update and look if there is any improvement in your search traffic.

If you feel that you aren?t guilty of any spamming behavior and yet you receive your share of penalties then you need to contact Google or let them know through the Google webmaster forum.

So, is Google Penguin good news or bad news?

Now, you have to realize that no matter what you do, Google will never stop on improving their algorithms for better search results and you will need to adjust each and every time. After the update, numerous people were saying that SEO or free organic traffic is dead and Google is taking advantage on the dependence of numerous small businesses on it.

You may be thinking like many other individuals that SEO is a waste of time especially after the penguin update. But, the real solution here is that you continue to implement the right and up-to-date strategies so your business won?t go down with each update.

You can still depend on organic traffic and do SEO but you have to understand careful how search engines work, stay away from the known SEO mistakes, and give value through high-quality unique content.

To be sure, diversify your marketing strategies and delve into other sources of traffic such as the social media, PPC, offline marketing, email marketing, and content marketing. The more traffic sources you have, the lesser you are to get affected if any of those sources are having problems. Build value as well as contribute positively in your chosen field and you?ll have no problem with incoming traffic.

As a final point, we all have to go back to the basics. It is Google?s job to continually provide excellent and relevant results for searchers. In order to do their job, they have to implement new updates to strengthen their stand and make sure they level the playing field. Good news or bad news it doesn?t matter, because as long as you play fair then you have nothing to worry about.Contact SEO Agentur Hamburg Services today to see the transformation in your business, one of the leading Local SEO Hamburg Services.

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